April 8th 2018, LA Times

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16th-century Sorrento-born poet
20-volume ref.
98-Across' lang.
Acer employee
Acer rival
Actor Davis
All over the world
Alter, as a tailor might
Archipelago with an eponymous wine
Arsonist's alibi?
ATM giant
Banzai Pipeline feature
Barely bested, with "out"
Big weight
Bombers' home?
Bookkeeping no.
Brand including Regenerist products
Brilliant display
Cape user
Capital of Eritrea
Cause of business failure?
Champagne cocktail
Conquered after being lost, as territory
Conquistador's treasure
Consumer protection org.
CXII halved
Dangerous thing to fall in with
Defiant reply to a dare
Distinguished screwballs?
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria
Dueling party
Dumpster hoverers?
Emulate a condor
End of an ultimatum
Enterprise bridge figure
Eponymous reader
Eponymous salad creator
Eurasian border river
Even once
Exiled, with "away"
First Family name
First word of "Send in the Clowns"
__ food
Food in a humility metaphor
Foolish one
Frozen drink brand
Full-figured model born Melissa Miller
Furry TV ET
Glitzy rock genre
Golden quality?
Goliath, to David
GPS data
Grounds crew concern
Gurus' retreats
Hall of Fame chef De Laurentiis
"House" actor Epps
Humanities degs.
Hurricanes form over them
Hygiene product for very big teeth?
Ill-gotten gains
Information source, with "the"
Interfaith service attendees?
Its Space Command has HQ in Colorado
Java creation
Kitchen gadget
Knickknack perch
License holder?
Like Stephen King's Pennywise
Little piggy
London's __ Gardens
Low cards
Lowly worker
Make less dangerous, as a snake
Manhattan region
"Many fresh streams meet in one salt __": Shakespeare
Math subj.
Medium power?
More than not
Niche market for airport bookstores?
Omega, to a physicist
One changing lines, perhaps
Opposite of a squeaker
Ornamental shrub
Pacific Rim nation
Part of it is on L.I.
Pixar output, briefly
Pre-adulthood stages
Radius location
Raised symbol of resistance
Really angry
Reliable sort
__ resources
Ruth wore one
SALT subject
Sardine catcher
S.F. commuting system
Sheep group
Sleep disorder
Soft & __: deodorant
Sol preceders
Spherical organ
"Star Wars" saga fixture
State requiring "Stat!"
Stimulating nut
Stop by
Stop on the briny
Storied vessel
Sunrise dirección
"That is my intention"
"The Goldbergs" airer
They're chewed in pastures
Tinkered with
Tom of "Newhart"
Track competitor
TV planet
Uproar over a controversial win?
Vasarely's genre
Vending machine opening
Venerable retailer
What kilowatt hours measure
Women's fashion chain
Word for word?: Abbr.
Workers' org. formed in 1886
Wreaked state
Wrigley Field stats
WWI battle river
Young socialite