September 2nd 2018, LA Times

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Actor Maguire
Actor McKellen
Actress' first film
Actress Joanne
Air France hub
Alexander of "Seinfeld"
Alien-seeking gp.
"Back in the __"
Be straight (with)
Beam of light
"Bein' Green" singer
"Ben-Hur" novelist Wallace
Berne's river
Bike trail hazards
Blew away
Brief street sign
Bug B Gon maker
"Burning bright" poem critter
Bus. school test
Canonized Mlle.
Chick magnet?
Classified stat
Coll. major
Composer Bruckner
Concert array
Cried out
__-Croatian language
Curly lock
CVS rival
__-da: pretentious
Dash from hiding
Deck furniture wood
Deems appropriate
Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser brand
Devices with earbuds
Discount tag abbr.
"Doe, __ ... "
Drop more Visine in, say
Dutch burg
Eddie Redmayne's alma mater
Efron of "Baywatch" (2017)
Env. add-ins
Exchange (a player) with
Facetious local subject in many articles in "The Onion"
Felipe's female friend
First president with a Twitter account
Floor-cleaning robots
Fluctuated wildly
Formal address
Full of energy
Get ready
Got misty-eyed, with "up"
Gradually withdrawing (from)
Hall of Fame Bronco
Handle holder
Heart charts, for short
Hoedown honey
Home of the first family
Horror film feature, often
"House" figs.
It burns in December
Jaguar, e.g.
Jewish Community Center component gp.
Jim Croce title guy
Lake near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Lassie, for one
Letter-shaped fastener
Like many family-owned companies
Like trial judges
Logo modeled for five-month-old Ann Turner Cook
Long-necked wader
__ long way
Mailing ctr.
Main squeeze, slangily
Many a NOW co-founder
Margin at the bottom
Mazar of "Entourage"
Med. care provider
Minor gripe
MLB's steroid __
Monopoly maker
Name on Pisa's airport
Numbers on letters
Oktoberfest drink
One really on her toes
Org. in "Traffic"
Overly energetic
Paint with dots
Pass, as time
Pay stub abbr.
Pequod co-owner
Pester constantly
Picnic side with Parmesan dressing
Place for a stud
Place to check for prints
Place to make waves
Post production?
Power grabber
P.T. program
Rain-__ bubble gum
Regional plant life
Remove all traces of
"R.I.P." singer
RNs' workplaces
Rosy-cheeked angels
Samurai lacking a master
Sch. health course
Schoolyard comeback
Sci-fi author __ S. Tepper
Secluded places
Seuss' turtle king
She, in Sicily
Shook hands with, perhaps
Significant person?
Singer from County Donegal
State trees of six U.S. states
"Strange Magic" band
Stratford's river
Successor to Canada's Stephen Harper
Sydney of astrology
Symbol of simplicity
Tax-deferred acct.
Tea-flavoring citrus fruit
Tehran-based carrier
Tent entrances
Thread holder
Tulsa sch. with a Prayer Tower
Uber approx.
Until now
Walker on a bottle
Weather map line
__ Wee Reese
Winter melon
Word with hard or red