September 25th 2016, New York Times

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1982 #1 hit with the line “Watch out boy she’ll chew you up”
75-Down around a saint
Accident-investigating agcy.
Actor Milo
Actress Swinton
Ankle-exposing pants
Baked with breadcrumbs and cheese
Bakery buy
“___ been thinking ...”
Beer ___
Big fan of the “Lord of the Flies” author?
Bottom line
Bridge words
Bringing up the rear
Brownstone feature
Build-it-yourself auto
By and large
Captains on The Atlantic briefly?
Carried chairs
Change with the times
Channel with “Family Feud” reruns
Cheering done in a plaza?
___ Chigurh villain in “No Country for Old Men”
China display
Classic word game
Cockpit datum: Abbr.
Commercial cow
Contemptible sort
Corp. money pros
Country whose name becomes its language when you drop its last letter
Crack up
Dancer’s leader
Dangerous backyard projectile
Dollar competitor
Drops a line
DVR choice
Early PC platform
Electric ___
Emotionally if not physically
Enliven with “up”
Erroneously hit “reply all” instead of “reply” say
Evil spirits
First name in fashion
Flatow of NPR’s “Science Friday”
Frequent Winter Olympics setting
Galápagos Islands’ country
Gangster Luciano performing a risqué prank?
Gently jabbed
Glossy fabric
Golfer Michelle
___ Hari
Hobo at the wheel?
Home of the Pampas: Abbr.
Hoopster observing Ramadan?
Hoped-for result of swiping right on Tinder
How many college textbooks are bought
I.Q. test name
It takes months to complete
“It’s worse than you can imagine”
King who’s a friend of Oprah
Lament after being backstabbed
Late author Wiesel
“___ linda!” (“How pretty!” in Spanish)
Line at the side of a photo
Link with
Long tale
Look lecherously
Lot of fun informally
Many web advertisements
Merely superficial
Mild form of corporal punishment?
Mirror buildup at times
Movie Hall
Moving well
Narrow arm of the sea
Nearly dried-up Asian sea
Neighbor of N.Y.
Nephew of Cain
___ of Glamis title in Shakespeare
Olympics events rarely shown in prime time
One holding many positions
One who’s dunzo
One whose life is in order?
Overly indulge in
Part of STEM for short
Part of the inner ear
Partner of live
Party handouts
Pluto flyby org.
Powerless group?
Really feels the heat
Refrain syllables
River through Seoul
“Rumor has it ...”
Saint for whom a Minnesota college is named
“Scooby-Doo” girl
See 79-Down
Set off as a security alarm
Setting for many New Yorker cartoons
Shepherd’s pie bit
Sign from a third base coach say
Sound of a pebble hitting water
___ speed
Subzero maybe
Sugar suffix
Sword fight sound
Test one’s metal?
Text on an iPad say
Thatching material
The Bosporus e.g.: Abbr.
The Bulldogs of the S.E.C.
They come straight from the horse’s mouth
They get wetter as they dry
TV spinoff of 2002
Uncommon spelling for a common greeting
Under the wire so to speak
Van Susteren formerly of Fox News
“Walden” writer
Wardens enforce them
Where to buy certain Christmas decorations?
Whole ___
“Wild Thing” rapper
Word after liquid or fixed
Young swan