October 8th 2016, Wall Street

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A long time
A whole bunch
Addressee of a padre's prayers
Amazon Prime detective series
Auction offering
Bermuda-rigged boats
Bests on the stage
Bitter green
Bodily blood filter
Boudoir wear/erawtfos hguorhtkaerB
Brad of 'The Big Short'
Brainstorming products
Brake component
Brand with a Kanye-designed Yeezy Boost line
Busy time for many a CPA
Caramel-colored drink
Carrier of genetic instructions
Chapeau supporter
Check recipient
Color TV introducer
Comic known as 'the Entertainer'
Concert highlights
Connery's successor
Contents of a kid's box
Dark half of a literary duo
Deli selection/serots ecneinevnoC
Department store department
Disgusted squeal
Dot over an i or j
'Down in ___ Dirty' (Ludacris song)
Dreaded words on top of a returned test
Econ 101 subj
'Elementary' network
Embarrassing display
Everest, par exemple
Explorer of Brazil/uoy eracs thgim enoemos nosaeR
Faith celebrating both Jesus and Muhammad
Fashion title since 1945
Favorable to mold
Feature of North Korea's flag
Features with Bugs Bunny/pihsrow fo tcejbO
Fertilization targets
Fine, e.g
Frank Zappa's 'Shut Up 'n Play ___ Guitar'
Friend of Seinfeld, Costanza and Kramer
Glittery accessories
Gorgeous guys
Guitar pioneer Paul
Haggis ingredient
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games'
Hidden, as thoughts
Himalayan sound
Hitchcock classic/tik a ni metI
Hoary jokes/stiolpxe selaS
Hold up
'___ Homo' (Caravaggio painting)
'I couldn't agree more!'
Investor's order
It might be tapped out
It's charged
Japanese bread
Japanese luxury brand
Jonesed (for)
Key of Mozart's 'Odense' symphony
Like Cinderella's stepsisters
Like some showers
Many a Little League rooter
May sports event, for short
Maze options
MDs who are used to adrenaline rushes
Member of an insect family with triangular heads
Miles of music
Miyazaki's genre
Modeling material
Money for Monet, e.g
Newsroom measure
___ noire
Novelist Zola
Orientation handout
Pacific island nation
Parkinson's drug
Post-op area for intensive cases
Praline ingredients
Pricey hotel choice
Programmer's times sign
Prop for the Riddler or the Kingpin
'Rabbit food'
Really exist
Receive word
Result of a terrible pickup line, perhaps
Rio dance
Roads with nos
Robert Morse stage play
Rock's Vedder
'Roots' Emmy winner
RPI study
Sass, in slang
Scott in an 1856 case
Seldon of Asimov's 'Foundation' series
Skiing category
Slice and dice, perhaps
Small fortune
Spoonbill's cousin
Stockholder's place
Sulu's position
Supergirl's first name
Team originally named the Chaparrals
'That hits the spot!'
'That's the last word!'/gniteerg hsinapS
The whole shebang
They usually run out of clothes at the end of the day
They usually take bows
To some extent
Top seller, perhaps
Up to the task
Used a pickup line
Venetian beauty of literature
'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!' broadcaster
'Well, duh'
Where trapeze artists meet
'Why, I oughta...' utterer
Wild come-ons