Word: ABC

The word ABC has appeared in at least 632 clues on different crosswords.

"""... easy as 1-2-3"" Jackson 5 hit"
"""20/20"" airer"
"""20/20"" network"
"""60 Minutes"" network"
"""8 Simple Rules"" airer"
"""According to Jim"" airer"
"""According to Jim"" network"
"""Alias"" airer"
"""Alias"" network"
"""All My Children"" network"
"""Alphabet web,"" to Variety"
"""Better Off Ted"" channel"
"""Body of Proof"" network"
"""Boston Legal"" network"
"""Brothers & Sisters"" airer"
"""Brothers & Sisters"" network"
"""Castle"" carrier"
"""Castle"" network"
"""Castle"" shower"
"""Charlie's Angels"" airer"
"""Cop Rock"" network"
"""Cougar Town"" network"
"""Dancing With the Stars"" airer"
"""Dancing With the Stars"" network"
"""Dancing with the Stars"" network"
"""Desperate Housewives"" airer"
"""Desperate Housewives"" network"
"""Desperate Housewives"" shower"
"""Dinotopia"" network"
"""Dirty Sexy Money"" airer"
"""Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23"" channel"
"""Dr. Seuss's ___"""
"""Duel"" network"
"""Dynasty"" airer"
"""Easy as"" letters"
"""Extreme Makeover"" network"
"""Final answer?"" broadcaster"
"""Fresh Off the Boat"" airer"
"""GMA"" network"
"""General Hospital"" network"
"""Good Morning America"" network"
"""Grey's Anatomy"" airer"
"""Grey's Anatomy"" network"
"""Happy Days"" network"
"""Home Improvement"" home"
"""Home Improvement"" network"
"""Invasion"" network"
"""It's Easy as 1-2-3"" hit of 1970"
"""It's easy as 1, 2, 3"""
"""It's easy as ___"""
"""Jeopardy!"" airer"
"""Jimmy Kimmel Live!"" network"
"""Jimmy Kimmel Live"" channel"
"""Jimmy Kimmel Live"" network"
"""Life on Mars"" network"
"""Lois & Clark"" network"
"""Lost"" airer"
"""Lost"" broadcaster"
"""Lost"" letters?"
"""Lost"" network"
"""Lost"" shower"
"""Lost"" tribe?"
"""Marcus Welby, M.D."" network"
"""Men in Trees"" net"
"""Mickey Mouse Club"" airer"
"""Millionaire"" network"
"""Modern Family"" airer"
"""Modern Family"" network"
"""Monday Night Football"" network"
"""N.Y.P.D. Blue"" network"
"""NYPD Blue"" carrier"
"""NYPD Blue"" network"
"""Nightline"" letters"
"""One Life to Live"" airer"
"""One Life to Live"" network"
"""Private Practice"" network"
"""Relativity"" network"
"""Resurrection"" network"
"""Revenge"" carrier"
"""Rin Tin Tin"" shower"
"""Roots"" network"
"""Roseanne"" broadcaster"
"""Samantha Who?"" network"
"""Scandal"" airer"
"""Scandal"" broadcaster"
"""Scandal"" network"
"""Shark Tank"" airer"
"""Shark Tank"" broadcaster"
"""Shark Tank"" network"
"""Simple"" letters"
"""Spin City"" network"
"""Start Here"" network"
"""Start Here"" sloganeer"
"""Supernanny"" broadcaster"
"""Supernanny"" network"
"""The Alphabet Network"""
"""The Bachelor"" airer"
"""The Bachelor"" network"
"""The Bachelorette"" network"
"""The Brady Bunch"" network"
"""The Green Hornet"" airer, 1966-'67"
"""The Lone Ranger"" airer, 1949-57"
"""The Muppets"" channel"
"""The Practice"" network"
"""The Rifleman"" network"
"""The View"" airer"
"""The View"" carrier"
"""The View"" network"
"""The ___ Murders"": Christie"
"""They're ___ Delicious!"" (Alpha-Bits slogan)"
"""This Week"" airer"
"""Ugly Betty"" airer"
"""Ugly Betty"" network"
"""Ugly Betty's"" home"
"""Wagon Train"" network, 1962-65"
"""Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"" network"
"""Wide World of Sports"" airer"
"""Wide World of Sports"" network"
"""Wipeout"" airer"
"""Wipeout"" network"
#1 hit #2 for the Jackson 5
"#1 hit between ""Let It Be"" and ""American Woman"""
#1 hit between 'Let It Be' and 'American Woman'
#1 hit by the Jackson 5
#1 hit of 1970
#1 song of 1970
#1 tune of 1970
'20/20' airer
'20/20' network
'70 Jackson 5 hit
"'80s ""Be Near Me"" band"
'Alias' airer
'Castle' airer
'Desperate Housewives' airer
'Good Morning America' network
'Lost' airer
'Lost' broadcaster
'Lost' network
'Modern Family' airer
'NYPD Blue' network
'Nashville' network
'Poison Arrow' band
'The Middle' network
'The View' network
'Ugly Betty' network
"*Jackson 5, 1970"
... Millionaire network
1-2-3 of 26
1970 #1 Jackson 5 hit
1970 #1 hit for the Jackson 5
"1970 #1 hit with the lyric ""Easy as..."""
"1970 #1 hit with the lyric ""Or simple as do re mi"""
1970 Jackson 5 album
1970 Jackson 5 chart topper
1970 Jackson 5 hit
1970 hit by the Jackson 5
1970 hit for The Jackson 5
1970 hit for the Jackson 5
"1970 hit with the lyric ""That's how easy love can be"""
2 letters
2 on a phone dial
2 on the phone
2 trio
"2, on an ATM"
2006 Oscars broadcaster
2015 NBA Finals channel
3 letters on 2
<I>The ___ Murders<I>: Christie
A network
A network logo
A network that has agreed to hire more minorities
Aaron Brown's employer
"Agatha Christie's ""The ___ Murders"""
Agatha Christie's 'The ___ Murders'
"Airer of ""Scandal"" and ""HTGAWM"""
Airer of WWTBAM
Alphabet beginner
Alphabet intro
Alphabet network
Alphabet opener
Alphabet openers
Alphabet run
Alphabet section
Alphabet start
Alphabet starter
Alphabet trio
Alphabet's start
Alphabetic trio
Alphabetical Jackson 5 hit
Alphabetical network
Alphabetical openers
"Anecdotally, the most ubiquitous song of the last month"
Another Jackson 5 hit
As easy as ___
As easy as ___.
As simple as ___
As simple as ___.
Basic beginning
Basic fact
Basic fact.
Basic facts
Basic ingredient to all four theme entries?
Basic letters
Basic principle
Basic trio.
Beginning of learning
Beginning of wisdom.
Block letters
Block letters.
Bowlers' group.
Broadcast channel
Broadcasting syst.
CBS alternative
CBS rival
"Catch ""Monday Night Football"" here"
Charles Gibson's net
Charles Gibson's network
"Christie's ""The ___ Murders"""
Coach network
Corporate monogram
Cosell's milieu
Describing straightforward play*
Diane Sawyer's employer
Diane Sawyer's network
Disney acquisition
Disney acquisition of 1995
Disney acquisition of 1996
Disney channel
Disney division
Disney holding
Disney network
Disney owns it
Disney partner
Disney purchase
Disney subsidiary
Early Jackson 5 hit
Early run?
Easy as --
Easy as ___
Easy comparison
Easy comparison?
Easy letters
Easy letters?
Easy threesome?
Elementary beginning
English trio?
Epitome of ease
Epitome of easiness
Epitome of simplicity
Exemplar of ease
Exemplar of easiness
Exemplar of simplicity
"First #1 song, when all #1 hits are listed alphabetically"
First 3 of 26
First letters
First network to stream full-length episodes
"First network, alphabetically"
First of 26
First principle.
First steps to reading?
First string?
First three of 26
First three of twenty-six
First-grader's trio
Fox alternative
Fox competitor
Fox rival
Fundamental start
GMA's home
Grade school song start
Grade-school song start
Happy Days network
"Home of ""The Drew Carey Show"""
"Home of ""The Practice"""
"Home of ""The View"""
Home of The Practice
Home of The View
How a straightforward player plays*
How beginners play poker
Initial letters
Initial trio
Initial trio.
"It succeeded ""Let It Be"" as Billboard's #1 single"
It's a start
It's easy as 1-2-3
"Its slogan was once ""Wide world of entertainment"""
Jackson 5 #1 hit of 1970
Jackson 5 classic
Jackson 5 hit
Jackson 5 hit of 1970
Jackson 5 smash
Jackson 5 song
Jackson Five favorite
Jackson Five no. 1 hit
Jacksons hit
Jennings and Koppel work here
Jennings's employer
Kids' song opening
Kimmel carrier
Kimmel's network
Kind of soil or warfare
Kindergarden song beginning
Kindergarten song start
Kindergarten song starter
Kindergarten starting trio
Kindergarten-song opening
Kindergarten-song start
Kindergartner's song
Koppel net
Koppel's net
Leading letters
Letter openers?
Letter trio.
Letters near 2
Letters of introduction?
Letters openers
Letters that are the epitome of ease
Liquor-store chain
Major TV broadcaster
Major TV network
Major broadcaster
Major network
Monday Night Football channel
Multiple-choice choices
NBA Finals channel
NBC competitor
Natl. TV network
Network for Jennings
Network for Koppel
Network for Peter Jennings
Network initials
Network letters
"Network of ""Lost"""
"Network of ""The View"""
Network on which Phil Hill has been a sports commentator
Network owned by Disney
Network owned by the Walt Disney Company
"Network that ran ""National Bingo Night"""
"Network that tried a ""Charlie's Angels"" reboot"
"Network that wants us all to get ""Lost"""
"Network, briefly"
Nightline net
Number-one hit single by The Jackson 5
Old hoops org.
One big-time broadcaster
One of the networks
One of the networks.
Opening letters
Opening string
Opening trio
Org. that verifies publication sales
"Original airer of ""The Jetsons"""
Original co-owner of Disneyland
Paradigm of easiness
Part of a simple expression
Part of a simplicity simile
Part of the Disney empire
Peter Jennings's network
Phone button letters
Phone button trio
Phone dial's 2
Phone-button threesome
Pie equivalent?
Politically Incorrect network
Preschool group?
Preschool song opener
Preschool song start
Primer letters.
Programming letters
Regis' network
Regis's employer
Roseanne's network
School song start
Simple analogy
Simple as ___.
Simplicity epitome
"Song that knocked ""Let It Be"" off the #1 spot in 1970"
"Song that knocked ""Let It Be"" out of #1 in 1970"
"Song that knocked ""Let It Be"" out of the #1 spot in 1970"
"Song that knocked ""Let it Be"" out of the #1 spot"
"Song that replaced ""Let It Be"" at #1 in 1970"
Soup ingredients?
Spin City network
Standard of ease?
Start of a child's song
Start of a children's song
Start of a familiar lineup
Start of a kindergarten song
Start of a learning song
Start of a preschool recital?
Start of a preschool song
Start of a sequence
Start of a series
Start of a tot's recitation
Start of a tot's refrain
Start of an elementary lesson
Start of an oft-recited sequence
Start of tot's refrain
Start-off trio
Starting letters
Starting three
Symbol of ease
Symbol of easiness
Symbol of simplicity
Symbol of symplicity
TV broadcaster
TV initials.
TV letters
TV monogram.
TV network
TV network headquartered on New York's Upper West Side
TV network.
TV outfit.
TV trio.
Telephonic trio
The basic facts.
The beginning.
The height of simplicity
The late Peter Jennings's network
"They had ""The Look of Love"""
"They had the ""Look of Love"""
Trio for beginners.
"Type of book, a primer."
UPN alternative
What some things are as easy as
What something might be as easy as
"Where ""Lost"" is found"
"Where ""The Fugitive"" aired in the 1960's"
"Where ""The Fugitive"" originally aired"
"Where to catch ""Monday Night Football"""
"Where to find ""Desperate Housewives"""
Where to find Madden and Michaels on Mondays
"Where to get ""Lost"""
"Where to see ""20/20"""
"Where you'll get ""Lost"""
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire broadcaster
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire network
Will letters
___ Powers
___ Powers (mnemonic trio of South American nations)
"___ Powers (negotiators between the U.S. and Mexico, 1914)"
___ book
Epitome of simplicity
Early school lesson
“World News Tonight” airer
As easy as ___
Exemplar of easiness
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Jimmy Kimmel employer
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"The Real O'Neals" network
'Designated Survivor' network
Disney subsidiary
NBC's rival
"Easy as" letters
Jackson 5 #1 hit
CBS rival
'Scandal' network
"Grey's Anatomy" network
NBC's rival
"The Middle" network
Exemplar of easiness
Something easy, so they say
"Modern Family" network
Kindergarten song starter
"Modern Family" network
Epitome of simplicity
Major network
Start of a kindergarten song
Start of a kindergarten song
Epitome of easiness
Epitome of easiness
"The Goldbergs" airer
"The Goldbergs" airer
Alphabet (1,1,1)
First letters learned
First letters learned
Child's first letters, often
Child's first letters, often
"The View" network
28-Across's network
CBS rival
NBC's rival
NBC's rival
#1 Jackson 5 hit
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"Modern Family" network
CBS rival
CBS rival
Jackson 5 hit
Alphabet (1,1,1)
''The View'' airer
Easy letters?
Alphabet run
''Dancing with the Stars'' airer
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"The Goldbergs" network
Preschool group?
Easy as 1-2-3
Home of "Shark Tank"
Epitome of simplicity
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"Scandal" network
Kind of order ... or a hint to this puzzle's unusual construction
Network acquired by Disney in 1995
"Scandal" network
"Scandal" network
"Modern Family" network
Former ESPN owner
"Lost" network
Jackson Five hit
Network owned by Disney
NBC's rival
Alphabet (1,1,1)
''Dancing with the Stars'' airer
CBS rival
"Black-ish" network
1970 Jackson 5 #1 hit
2 phone letters?
NBC's rival
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"Scandal" network
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Pie equivalent, in a simile
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"Shark Tank" carrier
Airer of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Catch'
Kindergarten threesome
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Early learning letters
"20/20" broadcaster
'Black-ish' network
''Grey's Anatomy'' airer
"Scandal" network
Epitome of easiness
"The Goldbergs" airer
"Quantico" network
CBS rival
Alphabet (1,1,1)
''Grey's Anatomy'' airer
NBC's rival
Alphabet (1,1,1)
'Black-ish' network
Early school lesson
CBS rival
"Black-ish" network
"Scandal" network
"Black-ish" network
Alphabet openers
"Scandal" network
Jackson 5 hit
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Network for "The View"
Jackson 5 hit with the lyric 'It's easy as 1, 2, 3'
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Jackson 5 song with the lyrics "It's easy as 1 2 3 / Or simple as do re mi"
Epitome of simplicity
Charles Gibson's network
Early lesson letters
First network letters?
Easy sequence?
Preschool song opener
Jackson 5 hit that begins, "You went to school to learn, girl ... "
Disney division
"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." network
"Once Upon a Time" TV network
"How to Get Away With Murder" TV network
TV network that aired the first episode of "Mork & Mindy" on September 14, 1978
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Fox competitor
"Quantico" network
Jimmy Kimmel's TV network
Letters before D
NBC's rival
Alphabet (1,1,1)
"The Catch" network
"Shark Tank" network
"GMA" network
1970 Jackson 5 chart-topper
Early school lesson
Start of "The Alphabet Song"
"The Rookie" network
TV network with much Shondaland programming
Preschool song start
"Dark Shadows" airer
"Modern Family" TV network
Agatha Christie's "The ___ Murders"
Original airer of "The Outer Limits"
CBS rival
''Shark Tank'' airer
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Fox competitor
"GMA" network
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Alphabet start
Alphabet starter
1970 title lyric after 'Simple as do re mi'
NBC's rival
Network with the comedies "Single Parents" and "Speechless"
2, on an ATM
Network of "Lost"
CBS rival
Alphabet (1,1,1)
It shows ''Shark Tank''
"Black-ish" network
"American Housewife" network
Alphabet trio
Alphabet (1,1,1)
Alphabet (1,1,1)
NBC's rival
Simple as ___
"The Conners" network
"The Good Doctor" TV network
TV network with much Shondaland programming
Alphabet (1,1,1)
1970 #1 hit for the Jackson 5
"How to Get Away with Murder" TV network
Jimmy Kimmel's employer
Epitome of simplicity
"The Bachelor" network
The first three letters
Easy comparative
"Modern Family" network
Start of a children's learning song
Fox competitor