Word: BYRD

The word BYRD has appeared in at least 74 clues on different crosswords.

"""With ___ at the South Pole"" (1930 documentary)"
"""With ___ at the South Pole,"" first documentary to win an Oscar (for cinematography)"
44-year Senate veteran
90-year-old senator
A Mountain State senator
A W.Va. senator
Admiral or Senator
Admiral who explored Antarctica
Admiral who explored the Antarctic
Antarctic Plateau explorer
Antarctic explorer
Antarctic explorer Richard
Antarctic explorer.
Antarctica's Marie ___ Land (h)
Aviator and arctic explorer
Charlie of country
Early aviator Richard who led expeditions to Antarctica
Explorer who founded Little America
Famous Admiral.
First to fly over the North Pole
Former Senate chief
Founder of Little America
Goodwin's predecessor in the U.S. Senate
"Gram Parsons, for a time"
Guitarist Charlie
Jazz guitarist Charlie
Jazzman Charlie
Late West Virginia senator Robert
Little America founder
Little America founder.
"Longest-serving U.S. senator, from 1959 to 2010"
Longest-serving senator in U.S. history
Longtime West Virginia senator
Longtime West Virginia senator Robert
Name associated with the South Pole
Naval hero and explorer Richard
North Pole explorer
Noted Antarctic explorer
Noted polar explorer
Polar explorer
Polar explorer Admiral Richard
Polar explorer Richard
Polar-izing figure?
Pole explorer
Pole star?
Pole-exploring admiral
Pole-seeking admiral
Prominent senator
Renaissance composer William
Renowned Pole explorer
Renowned South Pole explorer
Renowned pole explorer
Senator from Va. or W.Va.
Senator from Virginia.
South Pole explorer
U.S. senator with the longest tenure in history
Virginia statesman.
West Virginia's senior senator
___ Land in Antarctica
Admiral who explored the Antarctic
William —, English composer and organist who died in 1623 whose publications include Songs of Sundrie Natures
Pole explorer
Senator from 1959 to 2010
Antarctic explorer Richard
51-year senator Robert
Polar explorer Admiral Richard
Old English musician using the bus or car, briefly
Admiral who explored the Antarctic
North Pole explorer
1929 flyer over the South Pole
Gram Parsons, for one
Antarctic explorer Richard
Maryland stadium
Antarctic explorer Richard