Word: CCS

The word CCS has appeared in at least 210 clues on different crosswords.

Adds to a missive
Adds to an e-mail
Airport label for Caracas
"Also addresses, as with an e-mail"
"Also addresses, in an e-mail"
"Also sends to, as an e-mail"
Amts. of meds
"Backs up, as an email"
"Brings into the conversation, in a way"
Certain copies: Abbr.
Certain courts: Abbr.
Congressional group (6)
Courtesy e-mails
Document dupes: Abbr.
Dosage amt.
Dosage amts.
Dosage units (Abbr.)
"Drip units, briefly"
Druggists' units: Abbr.
Dupes in some in-boxes
Dupes in some mailboxes
"Duplicates, briefly"
"Duplicates, for short"
Duplicates: Abbr.
"E-mail options, and this puzzle's theme"
"E-mails a couple of people, perhaps"
E-mails a dupe
"E-mails a few folks, perhaps"
E-mails also
E.R. amts.
E.R. units
ER amounts
ER measurements
ER measures
ER units
Emergency measures?
Emergency measures?: Abbr.
Enclosed dupes
Engine units: Abbr.
Eyedropper amts.
Fluid units: Abbr.
Hosp. doses
Hosp. measures
Hosp. units
Hospital amts.
Hypo amts.
"Hypo capacity, for short"
Hypo meas.
Hypo measurements
Hypo units
Hypodermic amts.
Hypodermic needle amts.
"Hypodermic units, for short"
ICU amounts
ICU amts.
ICU units
IV amounts
IV amt.
IV amts.
IV dosage amts.
IV dosage units
IV measurements
IV measures
IV quantities
IV units
"Includes in an e-mail, as a mgr."
Includes in an e-mailing
Includes in an email
Includes in an email's recipients
"Includes in an email, for short"
Includes in an emailing
"Includes indirectly, in a way"
Includes on a memo
Includes on an e-mail
"Informs in writing, briefly"
Injection amts.
Injection meas.
Injection nos.
Injection units
"Injection units, for short"
"Keeps apprised, briefly"
"Keeps apprised, for short"
Keeps in the e-mail loop
"Keeps in the e-mail loop, briefly"
Lab fluid measures
Lab measurements
Lab measures
Lab measures: Abbr.
Letter enclosures: Abbr.
"Liquid dosage amounts, for short"
Liquid dosage amts.
Liquid medicine amts.
"Loops into a conversation, briefly"
Loops others into the email conversation
MD measurements
MD's measures
Mails a dupe
Mails a dupe to
Meas. for a needle
Measurements in the lab
"Measurements on ""ER"""
Measures: Abbr.
Med. quantities
Medical amts.
Medical meas.
Medicinal amounts (abbr.)
Medicinal amt.
Medicinal amts.
Medicinal measures (abbr.)
"Medicinal measures, briefly"
Medicine amounts: Abbr.
Medicine amts.
Medicine meas.
Metric measures
Metric measures: Abbr.
Metric units: Abbr.
Needle meas.
"Not originals of letters, for short"
O.R. amounts
OR doses
Office dupes
"Office dupes, for short"
Old-time duplicates: Abbr.
Outlook duplicates
"Patient's dosage measure, for short"
Prescription abbrs.
Prescription amt.
Prescription amts.
R.N. measures
Rx amts.
Rx units
Secondary email addrs.
Sends a dupe e-mail to
Sends a duplicate email to
"Sends a duplicate to, briefly"
"Sends a duplicate to, for short"
Sends an e-mail FYI
"Sends an e-mail to, but not as the recipient"
Sends an email copy to
Sends e-mails to a few
Sends the same e-mail to
Shares an E-mail with
Shares an e-mail with
Shares an email with
Shot meas.
Shot selections?: Abbr.
Shot units
Small vol. measures
Solution amts.
Some dosage units (Abbr.)
Some dupes: Abbr.
Some duplicates (abbr.)
Some duplicates: Abbr.
Some mun. groups
Syringe amt.
Syringe amts.
"Syringe dosage units, briefly"
Syringe measurements: abbr.
"Syringe measures, for short"
Syringe qty.
"Syringe units, briefly"
Syringe vols.
Test tube amts.
Test-tube measures
They're equivalent to mLs
"Those you duped, briefly"
"Types between ""From"" and ""To,"" perhaps"
Units in an ER
Units of volume: Abbr.
Units used for IV volumes
Vol. measures
Volume meas.
Volume measures: Abbr.
What secondary recipients of e-mails get
Alternative to fl oz
Emails a dupe to
IV measures
Shares an email with
Hospital IV amts.
Syringe amts.
IV measures
Medicine measures
Medicinal amts
Hypo units
Keeps in the loop, in a way
Liquid dosage amts.
Shares an email with
Adds as an additional recipient, in email
Liquid dosage amts.
Liquid dosage amts.
Some emails
IV measures
IV measures
Dosage amts
Syringe amts.
IV measures
Dupes in inboxes
Also keeps in the know, in a way
Email dupes
IV units
Includes in an email
Includes in an email
Includes on the reply mail
Includes when sending an email
Syringe units, briefly
Loops in on an email
IV measures
Dosage amts.
Keeps in the email thread