Word: DOGE

The word DOGE has appeared in at least 104 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ Andrea Gritti"" (Titian portrait)"
Ancient Genoan magistrate.
Animal associated with Comic Sans
Big cheese of Venice
Big shot of Venice
Bygone Venetian VIP
Bygone magistrate
Chief magistrate of Genoa Province
Chief magistrate of Venice
Chief official of Venice
Chief official of Venice or Genoa
Dignitary of old Venice.
Erstwhile Genoese magistrate
Erstwhile Venetian official
Erstwhile magistrate at Genoa
Former Genoese V.I.P.
Former Genoese magistrate
Former Genovese magistrate
Former Italian leader
Former Venetian V.I.P.
Former Venetian bigwig
Former Venetian chief magistrate
Former Venetian magistrate
Former Venetian official
Former Venetian ruler
"Francesco Foscari, e.g."
"Genoan V.I.P., once"
"Genoan official, once"
Italian magistrate
Magistrate in old Venice
Magistrate of old Venice
Magistrate of old Venice.
Magistrate with a palace in Venice
Official of old Venice
Old Genoese bigwig
Old Italian magistrate
Old Italian officer.
Old Venetian V.I.P.
Old Venetian VIP
Old Venetian elder
Old Venetian judge
Old Venetian magistrate
Old Venetian official
Old Venice VIP
Old official of Venice
Old ruler of Venice
One-time Venetian VIP
Onetime Genoa magistrate
Onetime Genoa official
Palace dweller of old Venice.
Palazzo Ducale resident
Ruler with a palace near St. Mark's
Ruler's title in old Venice.
Shiba Inu meme character
Title in old Venice.
Tumblr meme featuring Shiba Inus
Venetian V.I.P.
Venetian V.I.P. of yore
Venetian VIP
Venetian VIP of old
"Venetian VIP, once"
Venetian VIP.
Venetian bigwig
"Venetian bigwig, once"
Venetian chief
Venetian chief magistrate
Venetian elder of yore
Venetian figure
Venetian honcho
Venetian honcho of yore
Venetian judge
Venetian leader
Venetian magistrate
Venetian magistrate of old
"Venetian magistrate, once"
Venetian magistrate.
Venetian notable
Venetian official
Venetian official of yore
"Venetian official, once"
Venetian official.
Venetian ruler
Venice VIP
___ of Venice
Old Venetian judge
Old Venetian magistrate
Onetime Italian ruler of 5 Down
Former chief magistrate in the republic of Venice
Venetian leader
Follow eastern magistrate
Venetian magistrate
Former chief magistrate in the republic of Venice
Venetian official, once
Venetian official, once
Venetian prince
Follow eastern ruler
Old Venetian leader
The old magistrate could follow a point
Venetian magistrate
Say too much, upsetting Italian ruler
Venetian magistrate
Former Venetian magistrate
Venetian magistrate
Venetian magistrate