Word: LEON

The word LEON has appeared in at least 361 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Raisin in the Sun"" director Kenny"
"""Battle Cry"" author Uris"
"""Because of the Times"" Kings of ___"
"""Delta Lady"" writer Russell"
"""Dog Day Afternoon"" character"
"""Exodus"" author Uris"
"""Exodus"" author, Uris"
"""Mila 18"" author Uris"
"""Resident Evil 4"" hero"
"""Sex on Fire"" Kings of ___"
"""Topaz"" author Uris"
"""Trinity"" author Uris"
"""Trinity"" novelist Uris"
"""Worthy Fights"" co-author Panetta"
"""Your Feets Too Big"" singer Redbone"
"""___ and Ivory"""
'Exodus' author's first name
1940s French Socialist leader Blum
2009-'11 CIA director Panetta
A Spinks
Actor Ames
Actor Errol: 1881-1951
Actor ___ Isaac Kennedy
Ali-beater Spinks
Ames in Meet Me in St. Louis
"Ames of ""Life With Father"""
Ames of old movies
Ames or Spinks
Ames or Uris
Ancient Spanish kingdom
Ancient land of Spain
Assassin Czolgosz
Author Edel.
Author Uris
Author Uris.
Author uris
"Backwards, a holiday greeting"
Band Kings of ___
Biographer Edel
Biographer Edel.
Blues singer Redbone
Blum of France: 1872-1950
Blum or Trotsky
Bolshevik Trotsky
Bolshevik leader Trotsky
Boxer Spinks
Boxer Spinks who won over Ali in 1978
Boxing gold medalist Spinks
Budget Director Panetta
C.I.A. director Panetta
CIA Director Panetta
CIA boss Panetta
CIA director Panetta
CIA head Panetta
Castile neighbor
Castilla y ___ (region of Spain)
"Circuit court judge Johnson, who has pushed back the deadline in Clinton's disbarment case"
City NNW of Madrid
City NW of Madrid
City NW of Managua
City in Guanajuato Mexico
City in Mexico
City in Mexico.
City in NW Spain
City in Spain
City in Spain.
City of NW Spain.
City of northwest Spain
Classic keyman Russell
Clinton Chief of Staff Panetta
Clinton adviser Panetta
Clinton aide
Clinton aide Panetta
Comrade Trotsky
Conductor Tania ___
Czolgosz who shot McKinley
Deep-voiced Redbone
Deep-voiced singer Redbone
Deep-voiced vocalist Redbone
Defense Secretary Panetta
Defense secretary Panetta
Edel or Blum
Errol of films
Ex-CIA chief Panetta
Ex-CIA head Panetta
Ex-boxer Spinks
Ex-budget man Panetta
Explorer Juan Ponce de ___
Explorer Ponce de --
Explorer Ponce de ___
Ferdinand I's capital
Fighter Spinks
"First ""L"" of L.L. Bean"
First name at the CIA
First name in
Florida discoverer Ponce de ___
Florida explorer Ponce de ___
Folk singer Redbone
Folk star Redbone
Former C.I.A. chief Panetta
Former C.I.A. director Panetta
Former CIA director Panetta
Former Defense secretary Panetta
Former Secretary of Defense Panetta
Former Spanish kingdom
Former White House Chief of Staff Panetta
Former White House chief of staff Panetta
Former White House chief of staff to Bill
Former budget director Panetta
Former capital of Nicaragua
Former heavyweight champ Spinks
Former heavyweight champion Spinks
Former kingdom of Spain
Former member of Barack's Cabinet
Former province of Spain.
Former ring champ Spinks
Garish sign.
Gravelly-voiced singer Redbone
Hall of Famer Day
Harris or Uris
Henry James biographer Edel
Historic Spanish city.
Jaworksi or Panetta
Jaworski of Watergate
Jaworski of Watergate fame
Jaworski or Trotsky
Jets cornerback McFadden
Juan Ponce de ___
Juan Ponce de ___.
"Judge Johnson, named to hear Clinton's disbarment case"
Kings of ___
"Kings of ___ (""Use Somebody"" band)"
Kings of ___ (rock band)
Knox ___ (one of Angelina's twins)
L.L. Bean's first name
LL Bean's first name
Large Lett
Man's name that reverses to another man's name
Martin Mull role
Marxist theorist Trotsky
Medieval Iberian kingdom
Mexican city
Michael Spinks's older brother
Mr. Panetta
Mr. Trotsky
Muhammad's 1978 defeater
Musician Redbone
Name for a lion tamer.
Nicaragua's second-largest city
Noel reversal
Novelist Uris
Nuevo ___ (Monterrey's state)
Nuevo ___ (state in Mexico)
"Nuevo ___, Mexican state bordering Texas"
"Nuevo ___, state in Mexico"
Nuevo ___: Mexican state
Oboist Goossens
Oil magnate Hess
Old Iberian kingdom
Old Spanish kingdom
"Once a ring-king, Spinks"
"One of Emma's lovers in ""Madame Bovary"""
One of the Spinkses
One-time Prosecutor Jaworski
One-time prosecutor Jaworski
Opponent of Muhammad: 1978
Panetta in D.C.
Panetta of Clinton administration
Panetta of the CIA
Panetta of the White House
Panetta or Spinks
Panetta or Trotsky
Panetta's first name
"Panetta, who serves in the Obama Administration"
Part of L.L. Bean
Part of old Spain.
Pianist Fleisher
Pianist Russell
Political Panetta
Politician Panetta
Politico Panetta
Ponce de ___
Ponce de ___.
Ponce's birthplace
Ponce's place of birth
Prosecutor Jaworski
Province NW of Madrid
Province in Spain.
Province of Spain
Province that borders Zamora
Provincial capital NW of Madrid
Pugilist Spinks
Red Army founder Trotsky
Red Army leader Trotsky
Redbone of music
Redbone of song
Redbone or Russell
Redbone or Russell of song
Redbone or Spinks
Redbone who sings
"Redbone, for one"
Region in Spain
Region of Spain
Region of Spain.
Relative of Lionel.
Revolutionary Trotsky
Revolutionist Trotsky
Rock session man ___ Russell
Rock singer Russell
Rock's Kings of ___
Rocker Russell
Russell in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Russell or Redbone
Russia's Trotsky
Russian revolutionary Trotsky
SAG co-founder Ames
Second largest city in Nicaragua
Second-largest city in Nicaragua
Secretary Panetta
Singer Redbone
Singer Russell of 70's music
Spain's Isla de ___
Spanish autonomy Castile and ___
Spanish city
Spanish city.
Spanish novelist
Spanish province
Spanish province or capital
Spanish province or its capital
Spanish province.
Spanish region
Spinks of boxing
Spinks of the ring
Spinks or Goossens
Spinks or Lett
Spinks or Panetta
Spinks or Trotsky
Spinks or Uris
Spinks who beat Ali
Spinks who once beat Ali
Stalin foe Trotsky
Tallahassee's county
"The first ""L"" of L. L. Bean"
The first L of L.L. Bean
Tourist city in Spain
Trotsky of Russia
Trotsky of the October Revolution
Trotsky or Jaworski
Trotsky or Panetta
Trotsky or Spinks
Trotsky or Uris
Uris or Goossens
Uris or Jaworski
Uris or Spinks
Uris or Trotsky
"Uris who wrote ""Exodus"""
"Uris who wrote ""Redemption"""
"Use, as a hammock"
Watergate prosecutor Jaworski
Watergate special prosecutor Jaworski
Winter air
Writer Uris
___ Blum (key figure in France's Fourth Republic)
"___ Phelps, aka SNL's ""The Ladies' Man"""
"___ Trotsky, with whom artist Frida Kahlo had an affair"
___ Trotsky.
Ex-boxer Spinks
Red Sox catcher Sandy
Panetta who headed the CIA
Spanish province or its capital
Author Uris
Spanish provincial capital
Ponce de —
Ponce de __
Name meaning ''lion''
Former defense secretary Panetta
Ponce de __
Rock's Kings of ___
Ex-CIA head Panetta
Donna —, author of 2012 novel The Jewels of Paradise
Explorer Ponce de __
Ponce de ___
Redbone, Uris or Spinks
Trotsky of the Red Army
Boxer Spinks
Explorer Ponce de ___
Explorer Ponce de ___
Spanish cathedral city
Spanish cathedral city
"Coming Home" singer Bridges
"Coming Home" singer Bridges
Author Uris
Boxer Spinks
Province of NW Spain
Novelist Uris
Spanish province
Trotsky or Spinks
University city in NW Nicaragua; a former capital of the country
Boxer Spinks
Boxer Spinks
Writer Uris
City of northern Spain
Spanish home to many cathedrals
University city in NW Nicaragua; a former capital of the country
Northern Spanish province
"Notion" band Kings of ___
Donna —, author of 2012 novel The Jewels of Paradise
Writer Uris
Writer Uris
Panetta who headed the CIA
Revolutionary Trotsky
Writer Uris
Explorer Ponce de __
1994 thriller starring Jean Reno in the title role
Explorer Ponce de __
Communist Trotsky
Boxer Spinks
Rey de los animales
Rock's Kings of ___
Novelist Uris
Writer Uris
Heavyweight Spinks
Musician Redbone
"Exodus" author Uris
Boxer Spinks
Bolshevik Trotsky
Boxer Spinks
Clothier Bean's first name
Musician Redbone
Boxer Spinks
Former heavyweight champion Spinks
Author Uris
Boxer Spinks
Name derived from a roarer
Musician Redbone
Boxer Spinks
Novelist Uris
Nuevo ___ (Mexico)
"Use Somebody" rockers Kings of ___
Boxer Spinks
Writer Uris
"Radioactive" rock band Kings of ___
University city in NW Nicaragua; a former capital of the country
1992 film comedy starring Mark Frankel in the title role
Former CIA head Panetta
Author Uris
Boxer Spinks
Old Spanish kingdom
Ponce de ___
Explorer Ponce de __
Four-time Grammy winners Kings of ___
Writer Uris