The word OCEAN has appeared in at least 713 clues on different crosswords.

"""... sailed the ___ blue"""
"""... the gem of the ___"""
"""...Neptune's ___ wash this blood"": Shak."
"""A Drop in the ___"" (1985)"
"""An ___ Rhapsody"": Ward"
"""Bounding main"""
"""Caribbean Queen"" performer Billy"
"""Caribbean Queen"" singer"
"""Caribbean Queen"" singer Billy"
"""Channel Orange"" musician"
"""Channel Orange"" musician Frank"
"""Finding Nemo"" setting"
"""Love Is Forever"" singer"
"""Love Zone"" singer Billy"
"""Loverboy"" singer"
"""Loverboy"" singer Billy"
"""Neptune's ___"""
"""On life's vast ___... "": Pope"
"""Suddenly"" singer"
"""The Abyss"" locale"
"""The Deep End of the ___"""
"""The Deep End of the ___"" (1999)"
"""The ___"" Zep"
"""Wavy waste,"" to Thomas Hood"
'Loverboy' singer Billy
1980s pop crooner Billy
1980s pop star born in Trinidad
50th-state separator
70% of the earth's surface
71 percent of the Earth's surface
A great quantity.
A lot to cross
About 70 percent of Earth's surface
About 70 percent of the earth's surface
About 70% of the earth's surface
About 71% of the earth's surface
About 75% of the earth's surface
Abyssal zone's locale
Albatross's milieu
Amazon's outflow
America's Cup venue
Anagram for canoe
"Antarctic or Arctic, e.g."
"Antarctic, e.g."
Arctic ___
Arctic ___ (North Pole surrounder)
Arctic ___ (where the amount of floating ice has decreased in recent years)
Arctic or Antarctic
Arctic or Antarctic.
Arctic or Atlantic
Arctic or Indian
"Arctic or Indian, e.g."
"Arctic, e.g."
"Arctic, for one"
Area in an atlas
Atlantic or Indian
Atlantic or Pacific
"Atlantic or Pacific, e.g."
"Atlantic, e.g."
"Atlantic, for one"
"Atlantis cover, supposedly"
Atlantis cover?
Atlantis covering
Atlantis' cover
Atlantis's cover
Atlas expanse
Banzai Pipeline locale
Bathyscaphe's domain
Bathysphere's domain
Bermuda border
Big drink
Big drink?
Big wet spot
"Billy ___, pop singer"
Billy of 1980s pop
"Billy who did ""Caribbean Queen"""
Birthplace of a hurricane
Blue area on a globe
Blue area on map
Blue entry on a map
Blue expanse
Blue part of a map
Body of salt water
Body of water
Body of water.
Body resting in bed?
Bounding main
Bounty's milieu
Briny body
Briny deep
Briny deep.
Briny expanse
Broad expanse.
Carnival setting?
Cephalopod's environment
City or county in New Jersey
"Clooney character, thrice"
Clooney role
Clooney role in three films
Colossal amount
Coney Island attraction.
Considerable amount
Continent divider
Continent separator
"Continent separator, perhaps"
Continental divide
Continental divide?
Continental divider
Cousteau explored it
Cousteau family's milieu
Cousteau milieu
Cousteau's bailiwick
Cousteau's milieu
Cousteau's realm
Crossing medium
Crossing site
Cruise medium
Cruise milieu
Cruise setting
Current locale
Current location
Current location?
Current place
Current setting
Cyclone location
Danny ___ (three-time Clooney role)
Davy Jones' domain
Davy Jones' locker
Davy Jones's domain
Davy Jones's locker
Davy Jones's milieu
Davy Jones's realm
Deep blue
Deep blue sea
Deep subject?
Deep-___ trench (steep-sided depression in the sea floor that may cause earthquakes)
Destination of some rivers
Divider of continents
Dolphin's home
Dolphins' home
Dolphins' home?
"Drink, so to speak"
East of Barbados.
East or West border
El Nino's origin
Enormous amount
"Environs for Galatea, in myth"
Europe-America separator
Expanse with crests
Expanse with crests and currents
Expanse with waves
Fish and ships spot
Flattop's milieu
Floor or bed site
Floor or view preceder
Frequent splashdown site
George Clooney role
Giant squid's home
Global area.
Global expanse
Global expanse.
Great amount
Great amount.
Great blue expanse
Great body
Great deal
Great expanse
Great expanse.
Great quantity
Great quantity.
Habitat for plankton.
Harbor outlet
"He hit #1 with ""There'll Be Sad Songs (to Make You Cry)"""
Herring pond.
Home for Davy Jones
Home of marine plants and animals
"Homer's ""great river."""
Huge amount
Huge expanse
Huge quantity
Huge quantity.
Humpback habitat
Humpback whale's home
Humpback's domain
Humpback's home
Hurricane birthplace
Hurricane's birthplace
Iceberg's home
Immense expanse
Immense expanse.
Immense quantity
Indian ___
Indian ___ (large body of water)
Indian for one
Indian is one
Indian or Arctic
"Indian or Arctic, e.g."
Indian or Atlantic
Indian or Pacific
"Indian perhaps getting back into fauna, ecology... (5)"
"Indian, Arctic, or Southern"
"Indian, e.g."
"Indian, for eggsample"
"Indian, for example"
"Indian, for instance."
"Indian, for one"
"Indian, for one."
"Indian, say"
Ireland's western border
"It covers Atlantis, supposedly"
It covers much of the Earth
It goes coast-to-coast
It goes from shore to shore
It has a big floor
"It has a big, wet floor"
It has a floor and swells
It has a floor but lacks a ceiling
It has a floor but no ceiling
It has a very large floor
It has a wet floor
It has arms and waves
It has depth
It holds fish and ships
It makes a sound
It makes a sound?
It makes sounds
It makes the Blue Planet blue
It makes waves
It may have a liner on it
It might cause you to rock and roll
"It supported Katherine Anne Porter's ""Ship of Fools"""
Its floor is always wet
"Jersey Shore county, appropriately"
Key location
Key location?
Key setting
Kind of breeze
Kind of liner
Kind of ography
Kind of voyage
Large amount
Large blue part of a map
Large body of water
Large expanse
Large quantity
Large water container?
Larger quantity
"Led Zep song ""The ___"""
Lighthouse view.
Limitless quantity
Limitless quantity.
Lindy's hurdle
Liner locale
Liner type
Liner's locale
Liner's milieu
Liner's milieu.
Locale for Davy Jones's locker
Lots of water
Luxury liner's locale
Main body
Malibu sight
Map area
Mariana Trench location
Marine biologist's area
Marine biologist's milieu
Marine biology milieu
Marine expanse
Marine view.
Marine-biology milieu
Mariner's milieu
Mariner's world
Mermaid's home
Mermaid's milieu
Milieu for Jacques Cousteau
Milieu for Queen Elizabeth II
Milieu of liners.
Milieu of some greyhounds
Milieu of some tramps
Moby Dick's domain
"Modest Mouse ""___ Breathes Salty"""
More of riddle
More than 2/3 of the earth's surface
More than 70% of Earth's surface
Most of Earth
Most of earth's surface
Most of the Earth
Most of the Earth's surface
Most of the earth's surface
Most of the world
Mounding bane
Much of Earth
Much of a world map
Much of the world
Narwhal's home
Nearly three quarters of the earth
Neptune realm
Neptune's domain
Neptune's home
Neptune's milieu
Neptune's realm
Neptune's spot
New Jersey county
Odd Future member Frank who recently came out
"Oil well site, at times"
One is Indian
One of a global five
One of five
One of four on Earth
One of seven
Orca's home
Out Odd Future member Frank
Pacific or Atlantic
Pacific or Atlantic.
Pacific or Indian
Pacific place?
"Pacific, e.g."
"Pacific, for example"
"Pacific, for one"
Pelagic body
Periscope panorama
Periscope vista
Place for a beach
Place for a liner
Place for a sub
"Place for a yacht race, perhaps"
Place for high rollers
Place for piracy
Place in which a bathysphere may be deployed
Place to dive in
Place to have a sub?
Place to make waves
Place to see liners
Place to use an echograph
Place with crests
Pop singer Billy
Pop-rocker Billy
Popular rock band
Porthole view
Poseidon's domain
Poseidon's place
Poseidon's realm
Pout's place
QE2 milieu
R&B singer Frank
Rapper Frank
Ray's home
Revisited Clooney character
"Rhode Island's ""___ State"" plates"
"Rhode Island, the ___ State"
"River's end, often"
Rivers' destination
Rock star
Rock star Billy
Rocker Billy
Role for Sinatra
Role for Sinatra or Clooney
Sailing site
Sailor's site
Salt water
Saltwater expanse
Salty Sebadoh song?
Salty drink
Salty expanse
Salty water
Sea turtle's habitat
Senior sea
Separator of continents
Setting for many schools
Shark's body?
Shark's haunt
Shark's milieu
Shark's place
Sharks' domain
Shore thing
Sight at Atlantic City
Sight at Fort Lauderdale
Sight from Cape Cod
Sight from a luxury liner
Sinatra role
Singer Billy
Singer Billy ___
Singer Frank
Singer born in Trinidad
Singing Billy
Site for a liner
Site of current events
Site of high rollers
Site of the Mohole.
So on the ___ of life we pass... : Longfellow
Some go there for the halibut
Some say it's over Atlantis
Sound maker
Sound source
Source of breakers
"Southern, for one"
Spit in the ---*
Splashdown site
Sponge spot
SpongeBob's home
"Stones ""You're not the only ship adrift on this ___"""
Sub region?
Subject of Woods Hole studies
Surfboarder's paradise
Surfer's playground
Surfing spot
Swell area
Swell place
Swell place?
Swordfish fishing site
Symbol of vastness
Terminus of many rivers
"Tethys, during the Mesozoic Era"
"Tethys, once"
Thalassic area
Thalassic locale
Thalassographer's study
"The ""Dalai"" of ""Dalai Lama"" is Mongolian for this"
"The ""drink."""
"The Atlantic, e.g."
"The Indian, e.g."
"The Indian, for one"
The ___ State (Rhode Island)
The bounding main
The briny
The briny.
The deep
The deep blue
The deep.
The wide blue yonder?
"Three quarters of the earth, basically"
Three-time Clooney role
Three-time Clooney title role
Triton's milieu
Triton's realm
Two-thirds of Earth
Unlimited quality
Unlimited quantity
Unlimited quantity.
Vast amount
"Vast amount, figuratively"
Vast body
Vast body of water
Vast briny expanse
Vast expanse
Vast expanse.
Vast quantity
Very large amount
Very large quantity
View from Coney Island
View from Malibu
View from the boardwalk
View of some scenic resorts
View that may cost you extra
"Water, water everywhere"
Watery expanse
Watery expanse.
Wave maker
Wave source
West Coast view
West of Los Angeles
"Westernmost avenue in Santa Monica, Calif."
Wet expanse
Wet floor?
Whale's home
Whale's milieu
What surrounds Samoa
Whence whales
Where a hurricane develops
Where an echograph is used
Where an echograph is used in measuring
Where buoy meets gull
Where many aquatic plants are found
Where most schools are found
Where shells come from
Where the America's Cup is earned
Where the Shannon ends
Where the big buoys are?
Where the buoys are
Where the floor is always wet
Where the waves are
Where to find buoys and gulls together?
Where to find the biggest floor
Wide expanse
Word before liner or Spray
Word on Rhode Island & Nova Scotia plates
"Word with ""floor"" or ""current"""
Word with floor or current
Yacht race milieu
"Yellowcard ""___ Avenue"
"Yellowcard's ""Avenue"""
___ City (Maryland resort town)
___ crossing
Cousteau concern
Cruise ship medium
Neptune’s milieu
Briny body
Mariner’s milieu
Body sensitive to climate change
School zone?
Continent separator
Surfing site
Arctic or Indian
Three-time Clooney role Danny ___
Great quantity
Atlantic or Indian
Indian ___
Large sea
See 21 Across
Shark's home
Atlantic or Pacific
The —, 1941 novel by James Hanley
Sailor's site
Indian, for one
Large amount
Where there's water, water everywhere
Vast expanse
Indian, for one
Porthole view
Porthole view
Large sea
Atlantic or Pacific
Humpback's habitat
More than 70% of Earth's surface
Marine milieu
Large sea
Canoe unsuitable for so much water
Large sea
'That deep, blue, bottomless soul,' per Melville
Pacific or Atlantic
SpongeBob's milieu
Across which to ship a lot of water?
Where some large schools may be found
Porthole view
Atlantic or Pacific
Waves home
Large sea
Write with block letters
Adder or asp
Atlantic or Pacific
The —, 1941 novel by James Hanley
The —, 1941 novel by James Hanley
Poseidon's realm
Atlantic or Indian
Atlantic or Indian
Atlantic or Indian
Atlantic or Indian
Most of our planet's surface
Body of water
Body of water
No Scottish company meeting with setback in the main
Its floor is never dry
SpongeBob's home
Continental divide?
Large sea
Atlantic or Pacific
Atlantic or Pacific
Canoe out of place in large body of water
Arctic or Indian
Atlantic or Pacific
Mariner's place
Large body of water
Word after Indian or Arctic
Atlantic __
25-Across terminus, often
Atlantic or Pacific
The big blue
Mermaid's home
Pacific or Indian
Atlantic or Pacific
Setting for much of "Moana"
Atlantic or Indian
Great sea
Continental divider
Large sea
It comes up to the shore
Large sea
Beachfront view
Atlantic or Pacific
Large sea
Atlantic or Indian
Old tin containing energy drink
Atlantic or Indian
Atlantic or Pacific
Majority of Earth
Cousteau's milieu
Much of Earth
Body of water
Atlantis is supposed to be under it
Large sea
Large body of water
Atlantic or Indian
Briny expanse
Atlantic or Pacific
Atlantic or Pacific
Porthole view
Large amount
Briny expanse
Indian canoe, possibly?
Home to Disney's Ariel
Large sea
Atlantic or Indian
Huge amount of ordinary drug stashed in toilet
Indian, for one
Current spot
___ State (Rhode Island nickname)
Aquaman's realm
Atlantic or Pacific
Junk setting
Whale's habitat
Continental divide
Blue part of a globe
View from a porthole
View from a lido deck
Watery expanse
Neptune's realm
Porpoise's place
The main problem with canoe
Briny expanse
Large sea
Big body
Large sea
Place with a large bed
Atlantic or Indian
Large sea
Atlantic or Arctic
Splashdown site
Indian __
Coastal view
Arctic, for one
Large sea
Poseidon's domain
It's vast and salty
Mariner's place
Atlantic or Pacific
"... sailed the ___ blue"
Aquaman's surroundings
Large sea
The —, 1941 novel by James Hanley
Atlas blue
Whale's home
Halibut habitat
Porthole's vista
Indian, for one
View from much of U.S. Highway 101
Atlantic or Pacific
Sight from Cape Cod
Large sea
Large sea
Current location
Atlantic, say
Canoe unsuitable for so much water
Saltwater body
Large sea
Davy Jones's locker
Atlantic or Pacific
Marine environment
Atlantic or Indian
Salty expanse
Vast quantity
Body of water
Atlantic or Pacific
Atlantic or Pacific
Atlantic or Pacific
Porpoise's place
It's beyond a porthole
Continental divider
Atlantic or Indian
Large sea
Whale habitat
Atlantic or Indian
Wet main
Atlantic or Pacific
Large sea
Briny deep
Poseidon's realm
Body of water
Heist mastermind Debbie played by Sandra Bullock
Part of the hydrosphere
Flotilla locale
Atlantic or Indian
Vast expanse
Continental divide
Atlantic or Pacific
The Atlantic ___
The Indian, e.g.
Debbie played by Sandra Bullock in a 2018 heist movie
Large sea
Mermaid's home
Mariner's place
Davy Jones' locker's locale
Deep blue