Word: ODA

The word ODA has appeared in at least 97 clues on different crosswords.

"""Ghost"" psychic ___ Mae Brown"
-- Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg's Oscar-winning 'Ghost' role)
-- Mae Brown (psychic in 'Ghost')
Certain ladies' room
Concubine cubicle
Concubine's chamber
Concubine's cubicle
Concubine's room
Daimyo Nobunaga
"Eiichiro ___, writer/illustrator of the best-selling manga series of all time (or, backwards, a Shakespeare title word)"
Eunuch's charge
Eunuch's unit
Fatima slept here
Fatima slept here.
Harem area
Harem chamber
Harem part
Harem quarters
Harem quarters (hidden in SODA WATER)
Harem room
Harem room.
Harem unit
Home of an odalisk.
Ladies' room
"Ladies' room, of a sort"
Ladies' room?
Odalisk's dwelling.
Odalisk's home.
Part of a Middle East m
Part of a harem
Part of a harem.
Part of a seraglio.
Part of a serai.
Quarters for Fatima
Room for Fatima
Room for Scheherazade
Room for an odalisk.
Room in 14A
"Room in Mozart's ""Abduction"""
"Room in Mozart's ""Abduction... """
Room in a Moslem house
Room in a harem
Room in a harem.
Room in a seraglio
Room in a seraglio (3)
Room in a sultan's palace
Room in the harem
"Room, Turkish style."
Scheherazade slept here
Scheherazade's place
Scheherazade's place.
Scheherazade's room
Section of a seraglio
Sequestered room
Seraglio area
Seraglio chamber
Seraglio room
Seraglio room.
Seraglio section
Seraglio segment
Seraglio unit
Serai room
Site for Scheherazade
Special room in a Muslim palace
Sultan's chamber
Sultan's haven
Sultana's chamber
Sultana's room
Turkish chamber
"Whoopi's role in ""Ghost"""
Zenana room
"___ Mae (""Ghost"" character)"
"___ Mae (""Ghost"" role)"
___ Mae (Oscar role for Whoopi)
"___ Mae (Whoopi's ""Ghost"" role)"
___ Mae (Whoopi's Ghost role)
___ Mae (Whoopi's Oscar-winning role)
"___ Mae Brown (""Ghost"" role)"
___ Mae Brown (Oscar-winning role for Whoopi Goldberg)
"___ Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg in ""Ghost"")"
"___ Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg's ""Ghost"" role)"
"___ Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg's role in ""Ghost"")"
___ Mae Brown (Whoopi's Ghost character)
"___ Mae Brown (Whoopi's Oscar-winning role in ""Ghost"")"
___ Mae Brown (Whoopi's Oscar-winning role)
"___ Mae Brown (Whoopie Goldberg's ""Ghost"" role)"
"___ Mae, ""Ghost"" role for which Whoopi won an Oscar"
Harem room
Seraglio section
__ Mae: Whoopi's "Ghost" role
Harem room
___ Mae (Whoopi's role in "Ghost")
"Ghost" psychic __ Mae Brown
Concubine's chamber