Word: PIE

The word PIE has appeared in at least 766 clues on different crosswords.

PIE definition(s):

• A pie chart.

• to hit in the face with a pie

• (pejorative) a gluttonous person.

• (obsolete) Magpie.

• other, nonpastry dishes that maintain the general concept of a shell with a filling

• An especially badly bowled ball.

• (historical) The smallest unit of currency in South Asia, equivalent to 1/192 of a Rupee or 1/12 of an anna.

• (transitive) To go around (a corner) in a guarded manner.

• Any of various other, non-pastry dishes that maintain the general concept of a shell with a filling.

• (Northeastern US) Pizza.

• The vulva.

• A disorderly mess of spilt type.

• The smallest unit of currency in South Asia, equivalent to 1/192 of a rupee or 1/12 of an anna.

• To hit in the face with a pie, either for comic effect or as a means of protest (see also pieing).

• (of printing types) To reduce to confusion; to jumble.

• pizza

• A type of pastry that consists of an outer crust and a filling.

• (a) pie

• (transitive) To hit in the face with a pie, either for comic effect or as a means of protest (see also pieing).

• dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top

• The whole of a wealth or resource, to be divided in parts.

• Magpie.

• (figuratively) The whole of a wealth or resource, to be divided in parts.

• a gluttonous person.

• Extended to other, non-pastry dishes that maintain the general concept of a shell with a filling.

• type of pastry

• (cricket) An especially badly bowled ball.

• To go around (a corner) in a guarded manner.

• Pizza.

• A quantity of meat, fruit, or other food baked within or under a crust of prepared pastry.

• (letterpress typography) A disorderly mess of spilt type.

"""American ---"""
"""American ___"""
"""American ___"" (1999 Jason Biggs movie)"
"""American ___"" (1999 comedy)"
"""American ___"" (1999 sex comedy)"
"""Bye bye Miss American ___"""
"""Cherry ___"" (1990 Warrant hit)"
"""Easy as ___!"""
"""Hillbillies"" band Hot Apple ___"
"""It's easy as ___!"""
"""National Velvet"" horse"
"""National Velvet"" horse, with ""The"""
"""Weapon"" used by the protest group the Biotic Baking Brigade"
"""___ in the sky."""
37 Movie missile
A clown might get it in the face
A food.
A wedge might come out of it
Activist's projectile
After-dinner fare
All-American dessert
American dessert
Amount to be divided
Amount to be divided up
Amount to be divvied up
Anything easy: Slang.
Apple dessert
Apple dish
Apple or banana cream
Apple or banana cream dessert
Apple or blueberry
Apple or cherry
Apple or cherry creation
Apple or coconut cream ___
Apple or humble
Apple or lemon meringue
Apple or lemon meringue concoction
Apple or peach
"Apple or peach, e.g."
Apple or pizza creation
"Apple, for one"
Bake sale item
Bake sale offering
Bake sale purchase
Bake-off entry
Baked dessert
Baked dish
Baked dish.
Baked good
Baked good sometimes thrown at a face
Baked treat
Baker's product
Baker.s offering
Bakery buy
Bakery goodie
Bakery item
Bakery offering
Bakery or pizzeria offering
Bakery order
Bakery product
Bakery purchase
Bakery treat
Banana cream ___
"Banana cream, for one"
Banana or apple
Baseball Hall of Famer Traynor
Baseball's Traynor
Bend done in a tutu
Between apple and order
Bird allied to a jay
Bit of Trivial Pursuit equipment
Blackberry or mince
Blackbirds' enclosure in rhyme
Blackbirds' milieu
"Blackbirds' place, in a rhyme"
Blueberry or cherry
Boston cream ___
Boston cream ___.
Boston cream or Key lime
"Boston cream, for instance"
Budget chart
Budget chart shape
Budget-chart shape
Budget-graph shape
Buster Keaton missile
Cake alternative
Cap's counterpart
Celestial dessert?
Certain graph shape
Chart choice
Chart figure
Chart form
Chart format
Chart inspiration
Chart model
Chart motif
Chart shape
Chart template
Chart type
Cherry dessert
Cherry or apple
Cherry or blueberry item
Cherry or lemon meringue
Cherry or pizza creation
Cherry or sugar
Chicken pot ___
Christmas ___
Christmas dessert
Christmas dinner finale
Christmas treat
Circular shape
Circular type of chart
Circular type of graph
"Clown's ""weapon"""
Clown's missile
Clown's projectile
Clown's prop
Cobbler alternative
Cobbler kin
Cobbler's cousin
Cobbler's kin
"Cobbler, e.g."
"Cobbler, for one"
Coin of India
Comedic missile
"Comedy staple that goes ""splat"""
Common competitive-eating fare
Common dessert
Common dessert choice
Cousin of a crumble
Cousin of a jay
Crust-topped dessert
Crusted dessert
Crusty dessert
Crusty dish
Crusty one
Crusty one?
Crusty thing
Crusty treat
Custard concoction
Custard or pecan
Cutie ___
"Dainty dish in ""Sing a Song of Sixpence"""
Dainty dish of blackbirds
"De la Mare's ""Peacock ___"""
Deep-dish ___.
Dessert akin to cobbler
Dessert choice
Dessert favorite
Dessert from an oven
Dessert in a pan
Dessert in a tin
Dessert in the sky?
Dessert item
Dessert menu choice
Dessert menu item
Dessert often served a la mode
Dessert often served
Dessert option
Dessert order
Dessert pick
Dessert served in triangular slices
Dessert served in wedges
Dessert slice
Dessert that ties into the puzzle's theme
Dessert wedge
Dessert with a crust
Dessert with a flaky crust
Dessert-tray choice
Diner dessert
Diner order
Diner staple
Diner treat
Dish that's a homonym for a number that relates to its shape
"Divisible whole, figuratively"
Domino's order
Don McLean title word
"Don McLean's ""American ___"""
"Don McLean: ""American ___"""
Easy as ___
Easy dessert
Easy dessert?
"Easy thing, proverbially"
Economic metaphor
Economist's illustration
Edible chart?
Edible entry at a county fair
"Endearment ender, often"
Entenmann's offering
Epitome of easiness
Epitome of easiness?
Eskimo ___
Eskimo ___.
Everybody wants a piece of it
Exemplar of easiness
Faceful for a clown
"Final course, often"
Financial chart figure
Financial chart metaphor
Flaky bakery item
Flaky dessert
Flaky treat
Flaky-crusted dessert
"Flan, e.g."
Flipper ___ (Newfoundland dish)
"Floyd ""But don't take a slice of my ___"""
Food fight projectile
Food for Jack Horner
Food in a Don McLean title
Food in a tin
Four-and-twenty blackbirds' place
Frozen food item
Fruit-filled dessert
Fruity dessert
Goodie to be divided
Graphic symbol
Hall of Famer Traynor
Hall-of-Famer Traynor
Have a finger in the ___.
Heavenly dessert?
Holiday dessert
Home to four-and-twenty blackbirds
Horner fare
Horner put his thumb in it
Horner's dessert
Humble bake sale donation?
Humble dessert?
Humble fare
Humble follower
Humble follower?
Humble food?
Humble or easy as
Hurled prop
Hurled prop that might be made with shaving cream
Ice cream go-with
It can be eaten a la mode
It comes in wedges
It has a shell
It has some crust
It may be humble
It may be served
It may have a crimped crust
It may have a filling
It may have a filling filling
It might be in the sky
It often has an upper crust
It's a snap
It's easy
"It's easy, supposedly"
It's flaky
It's in the sky?
It's just below the upper crust?
It's often a la mode
It's often sliced
It's served a la mode
It's slapstick material
Item for Little Jack Horner
Item in the sky?
Item often found cooling on a window sill
Jack Horner's dessert
Jack Horner's fare
Jack Horner's treat
Jack's snack
Jay's cousin
Key lime ___
"Key lime, e.g."
Kind of bald?
Kind of chart
Kind of filling
Kind of tin
"Last course, often"
Layer cake of a kind
Layer cake of a sort.
"Led Zeppelin's ""Custard ___"""
Lemon meringue or apple
"Lemon meringue, e.g."
"Lemon meringue, for one"
Lemon or lime
Lemon-meringue dessert
Literary horse
Little Italy order
Little Jack Horner's dessert
Little Jack Horner's snack
Lure for Simple Simon
Many a take-out order
Marie Callender specialty
Meal finisher
Meal in slices
Member of the crow family.
Menu item
Menu item.
Messy missile
Messy missile of slapstick
Mince <P>e.g.
Mince meat vehicle
Mince or humble.
Mince word?
"Mince, for example."
Mincemeat ___
Mincemeat dessert
Missile for Moe
Missile from Moe
Missile from a prankster
"Mississippi mud, e.g."
Mitten-finding kittens' reward
Moe missile
Mom's apple ___
Moon ___ (marshmallowy snack)
Moon ___ (sweet treat)
Moon___ (sweet treat)
Mrs. Smith product
Mrs. Smith's offering
Mud ___
Mud concoction
Mud creation
"Nation's collective wealth, in metaphor"
Nesselrode or mud follower
"Nesselrode, e.g."
Noisy bird
Object in the sky?
Occasional finger location
Often-used missile.
One graphic means of showing percentages
One kind of crust
Order from Domino's
"Order of ""ah-beets"""
Organizational figure
Pan dessert
"Pandowdy, e.g."
Pastry choice
Pastry often filled with fruit
Patisserie product
Patisserie purchase
Peach or blueberry
"Peach, cherry, or blueberry"
Pecan or apple
"Pecan, e.g."
"Pecan, for example"
"Pecan, for one"
"Pecan, for one."
People save room for it at Thanksgiving
Piece of cake
Pirates third baseman Traynor (1920-37)
Pizza or quiche
Pizza order
Pizza parlor order
Pizza purchase
Pizza unit
Pizza's literal meaning.
"Pizza, e.g."
"Pizza, for one"
Pizzeria creation
Pizzeria offering
Pizzeria order
Pizzeria output
Pizzeria product
Pizzeria purchase
Pizzeria staple
Pizzeria unit
"Place for 24 blackbirds, in verse"
Place for blackbirds?
Popular dessert
Popular dessert choice
Popular dish.
Pot attachment
PowerPoint chart
Powerpoint image
Projectile in some political acts
Prop for a clown
Prop in slapstick
Pumpkin for one
Pumpkin product
"Quiche Lorraine, e.g."
Quiche or pizza
"Quiche, e.g."
"Quiche, essentially"
"Quiche, for one"
"Representation of a budget, often"
Reward for a feline trio
Reward for three little kittens
Rhubarb for one
Rhubarb or Boston cream
Rhubarb or blueberry
"Rhubarb or chess, e.g."
"Rhubarb, e.g."
"Rhubarb, for one"
Round dessert
Round food
Safe dessert?
Sales chart metaphor
Sales meeting metaphor
Sales pitch?
Sales receipt?
Sales-chart illustration
Sara Lee product
Sectored dessert
Sectored sort of chart
Set of wedges?
Shepherd's ___
"Shepherd's, e.g."
"Shepherd's, for one"
Shoeless cobbler?
Shoo-fly ___
Shoo-fly or Boston cream
Shoofly ___
Shoofly dessert
Shoofly or Boston cream
"Shoofly, e.g."
Simon in a rhyme's wish
Simple Simon's desire
Sky item
Sky item?
Sky quest
Sky sight?
Slapstick millile
Slapstick missile
Slapstick projectile
Slapstick prop
Slapstick staple
Slapstick weapon
Sliceable Chrstmas dessert
Sliced dessert
Small coin of India.
Something easy
"Something easy, supposedly"
Something easy.
Something found in the sky
Something good or easy: Slang.
"Something simple, supposedly"
Something to go to a bakery for
Something to leave room for
Soupy Sales faceful
Soupy Sales missile
Soupy Sales' dessert?
Statistical metaphor
Stooge missile
Sugar ___
Sweeney Todd serving
Sweet potato ___
Sweet treat
Symbol of ease
Symbol of ease.
Symbol of easiness
Symbol of simplicity
Takeout meal
Tart relative
Tart's cousin
Tasty pasty
Tasty wedge
Thanksgiving dessert
"Thanksgiving dessert, often"
Thanksgiving feast finale
Thanksgiving finale
Thanksgiving offering
Thanksgiving serving
Thanksgiving staple
Thanksgiving wedge
The Three Little Kittens' reward
The ___ (Velvet Brown's horse)
"The horse in ""National Velvet"""
"The horse in ""National Velvet"" (with ""The"")"
The horse in National Velvet
The three little kittens' reward
"The whole, symbolically"
This may be in the sky
Three Little Kittens' reward
Three Stooges missile
Three Stooges prop
Tin contents
Tin filler
Tot's muddy concoction
Treat with a crust
Trivial Pursuit coup
Trivial Pursuit goal
Trivial Pursuit piece
Trivial Pursuit pursuit
Trivial Pursuit symbol
Trivial Pursuit token
Turnover cousin
"Turnover, for one"
Type of chart
Type of tin
USA Today chart
USA Today chart shape
Vaudeville missile
Velvet's horse
"Wacky ""White Album"" number ""Wild Honey ___"""
"Warrant ""Cherry ___"""
"Warrant's ""Cherry"""
Washington ___.
Weapon for Soupy Sales
What Jack Horner was eating
What's easy
"Whole, metaphorically"
Window sill cooler
"Window sill sight, apparently"
Word after cutie or sweetie
Word after honey or humble
Word after sweetie or Tweety
Word with American or Eskimo
Word with cream or cutie
Word with cream or sugar
Word with cutie or sweetie
Word with honey or humble
Word with sugar or cream
Word with sweetie or cutie
You might throw it in someone's face
___ -eyed
___ -eyed: drunk
___ a la mode
___ chart
___ chart (Perot graphic)
___ in the sky
___ in the sky (empty wish)
___ in the sky.
Chart inspiration
Boston cream or Key lime
Boston cream or Key lime
Thanksgiving dessert
Eating contest fare
Key lime __
Picnic dessert
Word after sweetie or Tweety
Picnic dessert
Pastry item
Hippies’ food
Crusty concoction
Word with honey or sweetie
Be humiliated, eat humble ...
Chart model
Pastry item
Hippies' food
What ice cream might top
Dessert, apple ...
Alternative to cake
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Chart format
Crusted dessert
Be humiliated, eat humble ...
Diner dessert
Diner dessert
Chart shape
Dessert with a crust
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Shape of some charts
Thing in the sky for dreamers
Mincemeat ___ (Christmas staple)
Diner treat
Mud concoction
Coffee shop dessert
Chart shape
Projectile in a comedic fight
Jack Horner's treat
Chart model
Chart model
Pastry item
Hippies’ food
Domino's order
Pizza, e.g.
Pastry dish
Diner dessert
Pastry dish
Chart format
Diner treat
Word with crust or chart
Filled pastry
Be humiliated, eat humble ...
Diner dessert
Pumpkin, for one
Mincemeat dessert
Baked dessert
Speck on a globe
Diner dessert
Diner dessert
Something harpies have to eat
Something harpies have to eat
Slapstick prop
Filled pastry
Diner dessert
Diner dessert
Thanksgiving dessert
Chart shape
Pastry dish
Pastry dish
It's soft, that is, with a crust
It's soft, that is, with a crust
Chart model
Chart model
Kind of chart
Kind of chart
Fanciful wish, ... in the sky
Filled pastry
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Diner dessert
Dessert with a crust
Bakery buy
Pizza order
Bakery offering
Bakery offering
Diner dessert
Pastry meal
Diner dessert
Pastry crust with filling
Bakery offering
Filled pastry
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Tart's cousin
Mud concoction
Picnic dessert
Chart template
Bit of slapstick ammo, and a word that can follow the first parts of 18- and 63-Across and 3- and 27-Down
Pastry meal
Bird food?
Diner dessert
Boston cream or Key lime
Be humiliated, eat humble ...
Dessert, pecan ...
Cobbler's cousin
Pressure that's off the chart?
Picnic dessert
Dessert divided into slices
Pastry dish
Epitome of easiness
Pizzeria order
Dessert, pecan ...
Filled pastry
Shape of some business charts
Diner dessert
Picnic dessert
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Pastry dish
Cobbler's cousin
Coconut custard __
"Three Little Kittens" treat
Diner dessert
Often fruity dessert
Chart format
Be humiliated, eat humble ...
Papa John's delivery
It's crusty yet soft, that is
Diner dessert
Filled pastry
Pudding alternative
Epitome of easiness
Chart format
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Pastry dish
Baked 52-Across item
Crusted dessert
Tot's mud concoction
Filled pastry
Dessert in a crust
Diner dessert
Thanksgiving dessert
Pastry item
Hippies' food
With 57-Down, something filling fills
Be humiliated, eat humble ...
Papa John's order
Pastry dish
Word after apple or cow
Pastry item
Food stored by hippies
Pastry dish
Bakery buy
Pastry dish
Diner dessert
Pastry item
Hippies' tart
Diner dessert
Filling food?
Word after Tweety or sweetie
Domino's delivery, informally
Dish topped with pastry
Thanksgiving dessert
Contents of a tin type
Filled pastry
Pastry item
Pastry dish
Domino's delivery
Pastry item
Hippies eat food
Diner dessert
Prank missile
Diner dessert
Possibly half baked line in education!
Peach dessert
Diner slice
Cobbler's cousin
Metaphor for profit
Filled pastry
Baked food dish
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Fanciful wish, ... in the sky
Slapstick missile
Pastry dish
Crusty dessert
Bake sale offering
It's crusty yet soft, that is
Pastry item
Hippies' dish
Slapstick weapon
Apple product
Food in a humility metaphor
Pastry dish
Pastry dish
Diner dessert
Intake in many an eating contest
Filled pastry
Muddy concoction
Bakery buy
Pastry item
Hippies' food
___ chart
Bakery offering
Dessert, pecan ...
It's sweet after dinner
Pumpkin or mince
Baked food item
Chart format
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Chart type
Pastry item
Hippies' food
Pastry item
Hippies' food