Word: STAT

The word STAT has appeared in at least 852 clues on different crosswords.

"""At once!"""
"""At once!"" in the OR"
"""At once,"" in the ER"
"""College GameDay"" number"
"""E.R."" command"
"""ER"" command"
"""ER"" exclamation"
"""ER"" order"
"""ER"" word"
"""Hurry up!"" in the OR"
"""Hurry!"" in the OR"
"""ICU PDQ!"""
"""Immediately!"" in a hospital"
"""Immediately!"" in the OR"
"""Immediately!"" on ""ER"""
"""Immediately!,"" in the operating room"
"""Immediately, nurse!"""
"""Immediately,"" in the O.R."
"""Like, now!"""
"""Moneyball"" figure"
"""Now!"" in a hospital"
"""Now!"" in hospitals"
"""Now!"" in the ICU"
"""Now!"" in the OR"
"""Now!"" in the emergency room"
"""Now!"" on ""E.R."""
"""Now!"" on ""ER"""
"""Now!"" relative"
"""Now"" in ERs"
"""Now"" in the ICU"
"""Now, Nurse!"""
"""Numbers Never Lie"" bit"
"""On the double!"""
"""P.D.Q., doc!"""
"""Photo"" or ""thermo"" attachment"
"""Right away!"""
"""Right away"""
"""Right now!"""
"""Right now!"" in the O.R."
"""Right now!"" on ""E.R."""
"""Right now!"" to a doctor"
"""Right now!"", on ""E.R."""
"""Right now!,"" to a doctor"
"""SportsCenter"" tidbit"
"""This guy's dying here!,"" briefly"
"""This instant!"""
"""This minute!"""
"""Tout de suite!"""
'On the double!'
"1 out of 3, e.g."
"6'9"" or 72% free throw avg."
"78 ""ER"" order"
"A facsimile, for short"
A.S.A.P. in an E.R.
"A.S.A.P., in the E.R."
AB or HR
ASAP equivalent
ASAP in an ER
ASAP in the ER
ASAP in the O.R.
ASAP in the OR
ASAP relative
ASAP to an EMT
ASAP to an RN
ASAP's kin
ASAP's relative
"ASAP, in Bellevue"
"ASAP, in hospitals"
"ASAP, in the ER"
"ASAP, in the ICU"
"ASAP, on ""ER"""
"ASAP, to an MD"
"AST/TO in the NBA, e.g."
Age or eye color
"Age, height or weight"
Almanac datum
Almanac tidbit
Any box-score number
"Apollo Belvedere, e.g."
Art department term.
Art dept. paste-up.
"Assists, e.g."
"Assists, maybe"
"Assists, say"
"Asst., for one"
"At bats or runs, e.g."
"At bats, e.g."
At once
At once!
"At once, in the ER"
At once: pharm.
"Attempts, e.g."
Attending's imperative
"Average, e.g."
Avg. or R.B.I.
B.A. or E.R.A.
B.A. or R.B.I.
BA or HR
Ballpark fig.
Ballpark figure
Ballpark figure?
Baseball card datum
Baseball card factoid
Baseball card fig.
Baseball card figure
Baseball card info
Baseball card number
Baseball card tidbit
Baseball nut's number
Baseball wonk's tidbit
Baseball-card no.
Baseball-card tidbit
"Batting avg., e.g."
Bit of baseball card info
Bit of baseball card trivia
Bit of data
Bit of info
Bit of numerical data
Bit of numerical info
Bit of numerical trivia
Bit of sports info
Bit of sports trivia
Bit of trivia
Box score fig.
Box score item
"Box-score entry, for short"
Box-score info
Box-score listing
"Boxer's reach, e.g."
Bus.-office copy
"Career HRs, e.g."
"Career home runs, e.g."
"Carries, e.g."
Carving: Abbr.
"Caught stealing, e.g."
"Census Canada item, for short"
Census fig.
Color commentator's tidbit
"Completions, e.g."
Cong. act
Cooperstown tidbit
Copy briefly
Copy for short
Copy of a kind.
"Copy of a photo, briefly"
"Copy, for short"
"Copy, for short."
Data sci.
"Datum, briefly"
"Datum, for short"
Diamond datum
Diamond figure
"Doc's ""At once!"""
"Doc's ""Now!"""
"Doctor's ""Now!"""
Doctor's directive
Doctor's imperative
Doctor's order
"E.R. ""A.S.A.P."""
E.R. A.S.A.P.
E.R. command
E.R. cry
E.R. order
E.R. shout
E.R.A. for one
E.R.A. is one
E.R.A. or R.B.I.
E.r.a. or r.b.i.
"E.r.a., e.g."
"E.r.a., to Guidry"
"EMT's ""Immediately!"""
"ER ""Immediately!"""
"ER ""Right away!"""
ER alert
ER command
ER cry
ER directive
"ER doc's ""Right away!"""
ER exclamation
ER imperative
ER order
ER shout
ER word
ERA <P>e.g.<P>
ERA e.g.
ERA for one
ERA or B.A.
ERA or R.B.I.
"ERA or RBI, e.g."
"ERA, e.g."
"ERA, for one"
ESPN datum
ESPN factoid
ESPN figure
ESPN info
ESPN no.
ESPN tidbit
Easter Island feature
Elias Sports Bureau tidbit
Emergency room imperative
Emergency-room directive
Emergency-room yell
Enactment: Abbr.
Ending with gyro or thermo.
"Errors, e.g."
Expedite to an RN
Factoid for fantasy baseball
Fan's factoid
Fantasy baseball datum
Fantasy football figure
Fantasy player's concern
"Fast, in the ER"
Fax relative
"Field goal pct., e.g."
Field goals or RBIs
Fixed: Abbr.
"Forthwith, to physicians"
"Free throw avg., e.g."
"Free throw percentage, e.g."
"G, A, or GP, e.g."
"G.D.P., for one"
G.N.P. or e.r.a.
"GDP, e.g."
"GNP, e.g."
"GNP, for instance"
"GNP, for one"
GPA e.g.
Game fig.
"Goals against, e.g."
Goals or assists
Gyro follower
"H, R or E, e.g."
"H.R.'s, e.g."
"Hat tricks in hockey, e.g."
Have top billing
"Height, weight or eye color"
Hits or runs
"Hits, for one"
"Hitting avg., e.g."
Holds or saves
"Home runs or r.b.i.'s, e.g."
Hospital alert
Hospital hurrier
Hospital shout
"Household gauge, informally"
ICU order
Immediately (abbr.)
"Immediately, for short"
"Immediately, in ICU"
"Immediately, in hospitals"
"Immediately, in prescriptions"
"Immediately, in the E.R."
"Immediately, in the ER"
"Immediately, in the ICU"
"Immediately, in the O.R."
"Immediately, in the OR"
"Immediately, in the operating room"
"Immediately, in triage"
"Immediately, informally"
"Immediately, on a prescription"
"Immediately, to a doctor"
"Immediately, to a druggist"
"Immediately, to a pharmacist"
"Immediately, to a surgeon"
"Immediately, to an MD"
Immediately: med.
Individual figure
Interceptions or yards rushing
Internist's imperative
Kind of symbol with us
Law: Abbr.
Law: abbr.
"M.D.'s ""immediately"""
"MD's ""Immediately!"""
"MD's ""Pronto!"""
"MD's ""immediately"""
"MD's ""pronto"""
MD's P.D.Q.
MD's order
MLB no.
"Magazine photo, for short"
Math class
Math course.
"Mean, e.g."
Measuring number
"Medical ""Now!"""
"Medical ""immediately"""
Medical alert
"Miss Liberty, e.g."
Museum works: Abbr.
NBA figure
NBA figure: abbr.
"Neurologist's ""Now!"""
New York's ___ Island
"No. of RBIs, e.g."
No. on a baseball card
"Now, in the ER"
"Now, in the ICU"
"Now, in triage"
"Now, on ""E.R."""
"Number of service aces, e.g."
Number on a baseball card
Number on a sports page
Number on paper
Numerical datum
"Numerical fact, briefly"
"Numerical fact, for short"
Numerical factoid
"O.B.P., e.g."
"OBP, e.g."
OR adverb
OR command
OR directive
OR exclamation
OR imperative
OR order
Office copy
Office copy briefly
"Office copy, for short"
"Office copy, for short."
Office copy.
Office copy: Colloq.
Office repro
Old photo copy
On the double
"On the double, in the O.R."
"On-base pct., e.g."
"On-base percentage, e.g."
One for the record books
One may be padded by an athlete
"One way to say ""Now!"""
Order to a nurse
Order to an orderly
P.D.Q. in an O.R.
P.D.Q. in the I.C.U.
P.D.Q. in the ICU
"P.D.Q., in the ER"
"P.D.Q., on ""ER"""
"P.D.Q., to a surgeon"
PAT <P>e.g.
"PAT, e.g., for an N.F.L. kicker"
PDQ in the ER
PDQ in the ICU
PDQ in the OR
"PDQ, in the ER"
"PDQ, in the ICU"
"PDQ, in the O.R."
"PDQ, in the OR"
"PDQ, on ""ER"""
"PDQ, to an RN"
Paper number
"Paramedic's ""pronto"""
"Passing yardage, e.g."
"Passing yds., e.g."
Percentage of fairways hit or number of putts per green
Phillie factoid
Photo add-on
Photo attachment
Photo copy.
Photo finish
Photo finish?
Photo in a magazine office
Photo or thermo follower
Photo repro
"Photo, of a sort"
Photo- or rheo-.
Photocopy briefly
"Photocopy, for short"
Photographic copy.
Physician's imperative
Piece of info
Player's bio entry
"Points per game, e.g."
"Poll no., say"
"Pop. dens., e.g."
"Population fig., e.g."
"Posthaste, in the OR"
"Posthaste, to a doc"
Pre-desktop publishing photo
Pronto in the OR
"Pronto on ""ER"""
"Pronto, in the ER"
"Pronto, in the O.R."
"Pronto, in the OR"
"Pronto, in the hospital"
"Pronto, on ""ER"""
"Pronto, on ""House"""
"Pronto, on ""Scrubs"""
"Pronto, to a doctor"
"Pronto, to a surgeon"
Quant. data
"Quickly, in the ER"
"Quickly, in the I.C.U."
"Quickly, in the OR"
"Quickly, in the emergency room"
"Quickly, to an EMT"
R.B.I. or E.R.A.
R.B.I. or ERA
R.B.I. or H.R.
"R.B.I.'s, e.g."
"R.B.I.'s, for one"
"R.B.I., e.g."
"R.B.I., for one"
R.b.i. is one
R.b.i. or e.r.a.
"R.b.i., e.g."
"R.b.i., for one"
RBI e.g.
RBI for one
"RBI or ERA, e.g."
RBI or ERA. e.g.
"RBI or HR, e.g."
"RBI, e.g."
"RBI, for example"
"RBI, for one"
RBIs or HRs
"RBIs, e.g."
"RN's ""at once!"""
RN's 'at once!'
RN's imperative
Rebounds or assists
"Rebounds or assists, e.g."
"Rebounds per game, e.g."
"Rebounds, e.g."
"Rebounds, points scored, e.g."
Recap figure
Record book entry
Record book info
Record keeper's concern
Record number
Reprographic item
Rheo or thermo follower
"Ribbies, e.g."
Right away
"Right away, in ER parlance"
"Right away, in an ER"
"Right away, in the O.R."
"Right away, in the OR"
"Right away, on ""E.R."""
"Right away, on ""ER"""
"Right now, in the ER"
"Right now, to an RN"
Rodin output: Abbr.
Rodin work: Abbr.
Runs or steals
Runs or walks
"Runs, hits or errors"
"Runs, hits or errors, for short"
"Rushing avg., e.g."
"Rushing yards or turnovers, for short"
Sabermetrics datum
Sabermetrics matter
Sabermetrics measure
Sacks or fumbles
"Save percentage, e.g."
Saves or steals
"Saves, e.g."
"Saves, in MLB"
"Saves, say"
"Scoreboard figure, at times"
Short copy
Silver nugget?
"Slugging pct., e.g."
"Slugging percentage, e.g."
"Something for the record books, briefly"
Sports datum
Sports factoid
Sports fan's factoid
Sports fig.
Sports figure
Sports figure?
Sports number
Sports number for short
Sports page datum
Sports page factoid
Sports page fig.
Sports page figure
Sports page item
Sports page number
Sports pg. datum
Sports pg. number
Sports recap figure
Sports sheet
Sports-page number
"Sports-page number, for short"
Sportscast tidbit
Sportscaster's tidbit
Stationary: Suffix.
"Steal, e.g."
"Steals, e.g."
"Stolen bases, e.g."
"Strikeout-to-walk ratio, e.g."
"Strikeouts, say"
Suffix for gyro or photo
Suffix for gyro or rheo
Suffix for photo
Suffix for photo or hemo
Suffix for photo or rheo
Suffix for photo or thermo
Suffix for rheo or thermo
Suffix for thermo
Suffix for thermo.
Suffix used with gyro and thermo.
"Suffix used with gyro-, thermo-, etc."
Suffix used with photo.
Suffix with gyro or hemo
Suffix with gyro or thermo.
Suffix with hemo and photo.
Suffix with photo or gyro.
Suffix with photo or rheo
"Suffix with photo, rheo, etc."
"Suffix with photo, thermo, etc."
Suffix with photo.
Suffix with rheo or thermo
Suffix with rheo or thermo.
Suffix with rheo-
Suffix with thermo and photo.
Suffix with thermo-
Surgeon's cry
Surgeon's order
"TD's, e.g."
TDs or RBIs
"TDs, e.g."
"TDs, for one"
Tabular tidbit
Team number
"Temperature regulator, informally"
Thermo ender
Thermo follower
Thermo or rheo follower
Thing displayed in an on-screen graphic during a game
Thing on a baseball card
This moment
Topps card tidbit
Trading card figure
"Turnovers, e.g."
Type of photo
Type of photo.
Urgent in the E.R.
"WARP, e.g."
"WARP, in baseball, e.g."
"WHIP, e.g."
"WORP, e.g."
"Walk or run, perhaps"
"Walks, e.g."
"Weight, e.g."
"Word heard on ""ER"""
"Word in an ""ER"" script"
"Word in many ""E.R."" scripts"
Word of urgency to a numbers person?
Word with thermo or gyro
"Yards in passing, e.g."
"Yards on the ground, e.g."
"Yards rushed, e.g."
"Yards rushing, e.g."
"Yards, e.g."
"Yds. rushing, e.g."
mlb.com datum
Topps tidbit
Hospital shout
Color commentator’s tidbit
Elias Sports Bureau tidbit
FiveThirtyEight datum
PDQ in the ICU
Color commentor’s offering
RN's emergency summons
ESPN factoid
Right away!
"Pronto!" in the OR
Right now!
Doc's "Now!"
Sports figure
Ballpark figure
Right away!
EMT's word
Doctor's directive
Doctor's "at once!"
"College GameDay" number
"Now," to a nurse
Baseball card tidbit
See 51-Down
Rush order of a sort
Medical "at once!"
Doctor's "Now!"
Ballpark figure
"Right now!"
Numerical fact, for short
TKOs, e.g
Doctor's "at once!"
EMT's word
Sports figure
Medical "at once!"
"Right now!"
Turnovers, e.g.
Blocks, e.g.
"Right away!," in the E.R.
Number on a baseball card
Sports figure?
Doctor's "at once!"
Invoice abbr.
'Right away!,' in the O.R
Saves, say
Saves, say
Datum, for short
R.B.I., for one
Doc's "Now!"
Doc's "Now!"
Medical "at once!"
Medical "at once!"
Medical "at once!"
Medical "at once!"
Right away, to a nurse
RBI, e.g.
RBI, e.g.
ER shout
ER shout
RBI e.g.
RBI e.g.
RBI, e.g.
RBI, e.g.
RBI e.g.
RBI e.g.
Sports figure
Sports figure
Right now!
Right now!
Right now!
Right now!
Walks or runs
Right away!
Right away!
Right away!
'Right away!'
Physician's ''Now!''
Sacks, steals, or saves
EMT's word
EMT's word
Doctor's "at once!"
Doctor's "at once!"
Medical "at once!"
Medical "at once!"
RBI, e.g.
RBI e.g.
Right now!
Right now!
Runs, for instance
Sports figure, briefly
Internist imperative
Topps figure
PDQ, in the ICU
Factual figure
49-Across, in the OR
Right away!
EMT's word
Color commentator's tidbit
"Now!" in the OR
On-base percentage, e.g.
RBI, for one
Doc's "Now!"
ER word or ERA, e.g.
Assists, for instance
Elias Sports Bureau tidbit
Doctor's "at once!"
Medical "at once!"
RBI, e.g.
Doc's "Right away"
OR imperative
ESPN factoid
Right now!
Right away!
ER imperative
Right now!
Doctor's "ASAP"
Right away!
Baseball card tidbit
ASAP, to an MD
Without delay, in the hospital
EMT's word
Doctor's "at once!"
"Now!" in the OR
Order to an intern
Walks or runs, for short
MD's directive
Medical "at once!"
PDQ, in the O.R.
Doc's "Now!"
'On the double!'
Doctor's "at once!"
EMT's word
Sports figure
Medical "at once!"
Baseball card factoid
ESPN datum
ESPN factoid
Physician's ''Now!''
Doctor's "at once!"
Doc's "Now!"
Sports page factoid
Sports figure?
"Pronto!" in the OR
Sports figure?
Medical "at once!"
Massé, e.g
RBI, e.g.
RBI, e.g.
Right now!
Right now!
PDQ, in the ICU
Right away!
R.B.I.s or H.R.s
Ballpark figure
Saves, for a 1-Across
Sports figure?
Numerical fact, for short
EMT's word
Sports figure?
Doctor's "at once!"
Numerical fact, for short
ESPN tidbit
Medical "at once!"
Doc's "Now!"
Recap no.
"Now!" in the ER
RBI, e.g.
Right now!
E.R. cry
Baseball card bit
ESPN no.
Stolen bases, e.g.
Doc's "Now!"
Baseball-reference.com tidbit
Baseball card no.
Right away!
EMT's word
Bit of sports trivia, for short
'On the double!'
"At once!"
Color commentator's tidbit
Fantasy league datum
Sports figure?
Doctor's "at once!"
Pronto, in the operating room
Medical "at once!"
RBI, e.g.
Baseball card tidbit
'Right now!,' to a surgeon
Saves or assists
'It's urgent' in the E.R
MLB.com tidbit
E.R. shout
Turnovers, e.g.
Runs or saves
"Now, nurse!"
Right now!
Right away!
Right now!
Sports factoid, for short
Fantasy football tidbit
MD imperative
Immediately, on "ER"
ESPN tidbit
Quickly, on "ER"
NBA or NFL factoid
Pronto, while operating
E.R. shout
Rotisserie league tidbit
Color commentator's tidbit
Surgeon's order
Right away!
Right away, to a doctor
At once, to Welby
MD's "At once!"
EMT's word
Doctor's "at once!"
RBI, for one
Medical drama adverb
Right away!
Right away, in the ER
Medical "at once!"
Datum, for short
Doctor's "at once!"
Piece of numerical info
RBI, e.g.
Saves, e.g
Right away!
"Now, nurse!"
Medical "at once!"
Doctor's "at once!"
6-Across's "Pronto!"
Sports figure
"ER" command
EMT's word
Sportscast snippet
Suffix with photo or thermo
Immediately, in medicine
Attempts, e.g.