The word BANTU has appeared in at least 135 clues on different crosswords.

African group of languages
African language
African language family
"African language from which the word ""chimpanzee"" comes"
African language group
African language group.
African language grouping
African language.
African linguistic group
African native
African people
African people.
African tongue
African tongue.
African tribal group
African tribe
African tribe member
African tribe.
African tribesman
African-language group
Central and southern African people
Certain African tribe member
Congo language
Congo lingo
Congo native
"Congolese, e.g."
Equatorial African
Family of African languages
Great family of African tribes.
Group of African languages
Grouping containing Swahili and Zulu
It includes Zulu
"Kaffir, e.g."
Kikuyu's family
Language family common in southern Cameroon
"Language family from which ""zombie"" originates"
Language family that includes Xhosa and Zulu
Language family that includes Zulu
"Language from which ""gumbo"" comes"
Language group including Shona and Swahili
Language group including Zulu
Language group of Swahili
Language group of Zulu
Language group of Zulu and Swahili
Language group that includes Shona and Zulu
Language group that includes Swahili
Language group that includes Xhosa
Language group that includes Zulu
Language group that includes Zulu and Swahili
Language group with click consonants
Language of 90 million Africans
Language of southern Africa
Language spoken in Malawi
"Language that gave us ""gumbo"""
"Language that gives us ""banjo"" and ""gumbo"""
"Language that gives us ""marimba"" and ""goober"""
Language-group name meaning 'people'
"Like ""banjo,"" ""bongo,"" and ""marimba"""
"Like ""bongo"" and ""marimba"""
Like nine of South Africa's eleven official languages
Linguistic group of 120 million people
Linguistic group of Africa.
Luanda language
Major African language
Matabele man
Namiba native
Native African
No one but an African
People of southern Africa
Peoples of southern Africa
Popular South African language group
"Source of the words ""mamba"" and ""chimpanzee"""
South African language group
South African tongue
Southern Africa language
Southern African
Swahili and related tongues
Swahili language classification
Swahili or Xhosa
Swahili or Zulu
Swahili speaker
Swahili tongue
Swahili's family
Swahili's language family
Swahili's language group
"Swahili, e.g."
"Swazi, e.g."
"The Ndebele, for example"
"Tribe mentioned in Warren Zevon's ""Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"""
Xhosa's language group
Xhosa's linguistic family
"Xhosa, for example"
Zanzibar denizen
Zanzibar native
Zulu language group
Zulu or Hutu
Zulu or Kikuyu
Zulu or Swahili
"Zulu or Swahili, e.g."
Zulu or Xhosa
Zulu's group
"Zulu, e.g."
"Zulu, for one"
Xhosa’s linguistic family
African language
African language
Swahili or Zulu e.g.
African language group
African source of ''gumbo''
African language group
Swahili's language group
Language in which to proscribe a trade union?
Swahili's language group
People in endless butane production?
Talk of Tanzania
Language group of central Africa
Language group that gave us "banjo" and "gumbo"
Shona's language group
African language group
African language
Language group that includes Swahili
Language of a social worker in hearty rebuke
Group of some 500 languages of Africa including Shona and Xhosa
African language
Swahili's language group
Group of some 500 languages of Africa including Shona and Xhosa
Congo lingo
Swahili's language group
Like "marimba" and "basenji"
Swahili's language group
Linguistic group that includes Zulu