The word BASTE has appeared in at least 194 clues on different crosswords.

BASTE definition(s):

• To beat with a stick; to cudgel.

• (obsolete, slang) To beat.

• To sprinkle flour and salt and drip butter or fat on, as on meat in roasting.

• To sew with wide stitches.

• a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together

• strike violently and repeatedly; "She clobbered the man who tried to attack her"

• To sew with long or loose stitches, as for temporary use, or in preparation for gathering the fabric.

• cover with liquid before cooking; "baste a roast"

• To sprinkle the juices that have collected in the roasting tin back over the meat.

• To sew with wide stitches

• sew together loosely, with large stitches; "baste a hem"

• To coat over something

• To use needle and thread to temporarily and loosely join sections of fabric or cloth together, in order that they remain in place when fully and finally sewn together.

• To mark (sheep, etc.) with tar.

• (by extension) To coat over something

Anoint the roast
"Apply juice, as to a turkey"
Bathe in butter
Beat badly
Beat soundly
Butter the Butterball
"Butter up, in a way"
Butter up?
Butter-up a Butterball
Child's directive
"Cinderella's horses, before"
Coat with juice
Cookbook direction
Cookbook directive
Cookbook instruction
"Cookbook instruction, sometimes"
Cookery term
Cooking direction
Cooking or sewing term
Cover the turkey
Deal with a roast
Denounce with vigor
Do a Thanksgiving Day job
Do a Turkey Day duty
Do a sewing job
Do a sewing job.
Do a turkey tender's task
Do turkey work
Dress down
Juice the goose
"Juice, as a goose"
Keep a turkey from drying out
Keep from drying out
Keep moist
Keep moist in the kitchen
"Keep moist, as a roast"
"Keep moist, as the turkey"
Keep the bird moist
Keep the duck moist
Keep the roast juicy
Keep the roast moist
Keep the turkey moist
Keep your turkey moist
Loosely stitch
Make a temporary stitch
Mind the roast
Moisten a bird
Moisten a roast
Moisten a turkey
Moisten during roasting
Moisten in a way
Moisten in the oven
"Moisten in the oven, as a turkey"
Moisten in the pan
Moisten meat
Moisten on the stove
Moisten or malign
Moisten the bird
Moisten the roast
Moisten the turkey
Moisten while cooking
"Moisten with butter, say"
Moisten with drippings.
Moisten with melted butter
"Moisten, as a pot roast"
"Moisten, as a roast"
"Moisten, as a turkey"
"Moisten, as meat"
"Moisten, as poultry"
"Moisten, in a way"
"Moisten, in the oven"
Part of a turkey recipe
"Part of a turkey recipe, perhaps"
Pound placed in your ear (5)
Pour juice over
Pour on liquid
Prepare a roast
Prepare a turkey
Prepare for hemming
Prepare the Thanksgiving turkey
Prepare the turducken
Prepare the turkey
Prevent from drying out
Put in stitches
Put loose stitches in
Reapply pan drippings
Recipe instruction
Reuse drippings
Reuse the juices
Scold vigorously
See to the turkey
Sew for now
Sew for the nonce
Sew lightly
Sew loosely
Sew loosely (5)
Sew loosely or thrash
Sew or cook
Sew or moisten
Sew temporarily
Sew temporarily.
Sew with loose stitches
Spoon melted butter over
Squirt a turkey
Squirt juice over
Stitch loosely
Stitch temporarily
Tack together
Tack up
Tack up a hem
"Tack up a hem, e.g."
"Tack up, maybe"
Take care of a turkey
"Tend a turkey, e.g."
Tend the roast
Tend the turkey
Tend to a duck
Tend to a tom
Tend to a turkey
Tend to the bird
Tend to the turkey
"Tend to, as a turkey"
Thanksgiving Day chore
Thanksgiving verb
Thoroughly scold
Treat the Butterball
Turkey recipe word
Turkey-cooking instruction
Vigorously denounce
Wet chicken?
Work on a turkey
Work on the turkey
Read the riot act
Keep the turkey moist
Pour pan drippings over
Moistening liquid
Moisten while cooking
Roughly stitch up Rocky Bates
Thing to do to a turkey
Turkey recipe word
Sew temporarily
Moisten while roasting
Drip hot fat over
Drip hot fat over
Moisten, in the oven
Drip hot fat over
Drip hot fat over
Something to do with hot fat
Coat with pan juices
Moisten, as a turkey
Moisten (meat)
Moisten, in a way
Pour juices over
Moisten while roasting
Moisten while cooking
Moisten (roasting meat)
Moisten, as a roast
Moisten while roasting
Coat with pan juices
Pour juices over
Sew temporarily
Moisten in the pan
Moisten the turkey
Moisten while cooking
Moisten, as poultry
Keep moist, in a way
Moisten (roasting meat)
Keep moist, in a way
Moisten while cooking
Butter up the turkey
Moisten with butter
Moisten (meat)
Turkey recipe verb
Keep moist, in a way
Apply loose stitching to clobber
Moisten in the oven
20 Down provisionally
Coat with pan juices
Roughly stitch up graduate joining The Branch shortly