Word: EVEL

The word EVEL has appeared in at least 150 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ Knievel To Attempt Huge Leap In Logic"" (""The Onion"" headline)"
"""___ Knievel,"" 1972 film"
Adventurous Knievel
Big name in dangerous stunts
Big name in daredevilry
Big name in daredeviltry
Big name in jumping
Big name in stunt riding
Bus-jumping guy
Butte's Knievel
Car-jumper's first name
Cycle stuntman Knievel
Daredevil Knievel
Daredevil Robbie Knievel's father
Daredevil Robbie's daredevil dad
Daredevil name
Daredevil whose given name was Robert
Daredevil's first name
Daredeviltry legend Knievel
Daredeviltry name
Famous daredevil's first name
Father of daredevil Robbie Knievel
First in extreme sports
First name among daredevils
First name in Snake River Canyon jumping
First name in awe-inspiring jumps
First name in bike stunts
First name in car-jumping
First name in crazy stunts
First name in dare-deviltry
First name in daredevildom
First name in daredevilry
First name in daredevils
First name in daredeviltry
First name in daring
First name in derring-do
First name in jumping
First name in jumping Mustangs and canyons
First name in jumping over things on motorcycles
First name in long jumping
First name in long jumps
First name in macho stunts
First name in motorcycle daredeviltry
First name in motorcycle jumping
First name in motorcycle stunts
First name in motorcycling
First name in stunt biking
First name in stunt jumping
First name in stunt lore
First name in stunt motorcycling
First name in stunt-driving
First name in stunt-ry?
First name in stunts
First name in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame
First name of a daredevil
First name of probably the most famous person who's only famous for doing stunts
"First name of the ""father of extreme sports"""
First name of the man who rode in the Skycycle X-2 rocket
First named among daredevils
Immortal name in daredeviltry
Knievel of daredeviltry
Knievel of motorcycle stunts
Knievel of stunts
Knievel on a motorcycle
Knievel the elder
Knievel who broke his pelvis three times
Knievel who once endured a 29-day coma after a failed jump
"Knievel who survived ""most bones broken in a lifetime"""
Knievel with a motorcycle
Knievel with many broken bones
"Knievel, the elder"
Late daredevil Knievel
Motorbike daredevil
Motorcycle hero
Motorcyclist Knievel
Motorcyclist Robbie's dad
Mr. Knievel
Name in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Notable name in derring-do
"Retired motorcycle stuntman, ___ Knievel"
Risk-taking Knievel
Risktaker Knievel
Robbie Knievel's dad
Robbie Knievel's father
Robbie's dad
Robbie's daredevil dad
Robbie's daring dad
Robbie's daring father
Robbie's father
Robbie's risk-taking dad
"Robert Craig Knievel Jr., familiarly"
Robert Knievel
"Robert Knievel, to most"
Senior Knievel
Sinister-sounding daredevil name
Skycycle driver's first name
Snake River Canyon jumper
Snake River flopper
Stunt biker Knievel
Stunt cyclist Robbie's dad
Stunt guy
Stunt jumper Knievel
Stunt legend
Stunt legend Knievel
Stunt man Knievel
Stunt man's first name
Stunt man's name
Stunt master Knievel
Stunt rider Knievel
Stunt-doer Knievel
Stunt-man Knievel
Stunting legend Knievel
Stuntman Knievel
Stuntmaster Knievel
Stuntmeister Knievel
VIP in daredevilry
VIP in daredeviltry
___ Incarnate (2001 biograph)
___ Knievel
first name in daredeviltry
Daring Knievel
Daring Knievel
First name in daredevilry
Daring Knievel
Daring Knievel
Daring Knievel
Daring Knievel
Daredevil Knievel
First name in stunt cycling
Stuntman Knievel
First name in stunt cycling
Robbie's daredevil father
Daring Knievel
Daredevil Knievel
First name in stunts
Daring Knievel
Daredevil Knievel
Daring Knievel
Daring Knievel
First name in stunts
Daring Knievel
First name in bike stunts
First name in ramp-to-ramp jumping
Daredevil Knievel
Stuntman Knievel
First name in stunt cycling
"Being ___" (2015 documentary featuring many wipeouts)
Daring Knievel