The word HAVANA has appeared in at least 106 clues on different crosswords.

"""Guys and Dolls"" locale"
"""___ Gila Monster"" (2 Live Jews song)"
*Host city of the 1991 Pan American Games
1990 Robert Redford film
A 'Godfather Part II' setting
A Godfather Part II setting
Capital 90 miles from Key West
Capital of Cuba
Capital on the Florida Strait
Capital on the Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean capital
Caribbean city
Caribbean city.
Caribbean metropolis
Castro home
Castro's capital
Castro's favorite companion
Certain cigar
Cigar city
City in the West Indies
City on Gulf of Mexico
City served by Jose Marti International Airport
City that saw the Maine sink
Cuba's capital
Cuban capital
Cuban cigar
Cuban port
Esteemed smoke
Fine cigar
Fine cigar.
Fine smoke
Former tourist mecca.
Good cigar
Good smoke
Harbor where the Maine blew up
Harbor where the USS Maine sank
Hard-to-get cigar
Hard-to-get smoke
"Hijacker's destination, once"
Home of the Karl Marx Theater
Home to Morro Castle
Humidor item
"Humidor item, perhaps"
Kenny G hit
Kind of cigar
Largest West Indies city
Largest city of the West Indies
Morro Castle site
Museo de la Revoluci
Onetime Hemingway home
Plaza de la Revoluci
Plaza de la Revoluci
Port of Cuba
Port of the West Indies.
Province of Cuba.
Scene of revolt against Batista
Seaport 90 miles SSW of Key West
Shade of brown
Source of smokes that are illegal in the U.S.
The Maine blew up in its harbor
Third World leaders recently concluded a summit here
Where Ponce de Leon died
Where Ponce de Le
Where the Maine sank
World capital where Monopoly is banned
Port city where the Maine blew up
Obama traveled there in March 2016
High quality cigar
Premium cigar
Cuban port
Capital not far from Key West
High quality cigar
Our man's place in Graham Greene's work
Our man's place in Graham Greene's work
Capital about 100 miles from Key West
Cuba's capital
Largest city of Cuba
Big city in Cuba
"Our Man in __": Graham Greene novel set in Cuba
Port about 100 miles south-southwest of Key West
Capital of Cuba
Caribbean city with cocotaxis
Cuban capital
Cuban cigar
Smoky city?
High quality cigar
The U.S.S. Maine sank in its harbor
Cuban cigar
Cuba's capital
Morro Castle city
Cuban capital
High quality cigar
Where Hemingway wrote 'The Old Man and the Sea'
Capital city that's the title of a #1 Camila Cabello hit
Capital of Cuba
Raul Castro's capital
Cuban capital
Cuba's capital
Smoky city