April 16th 2019, Crossword Champ - Pro

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Abbreviated Latin phrase
Absorbent kitchen cleaner
Alcoholic drinks that can be pale
Amt. equal to 1/16 of a cup
Astronaut Grissom
Barrymore's "Grey Gardens" co-star
Broken-limb immobilizers
Channel between sandbanks
Chess start
Clues, to detectives
Coffeemaker insert
Collection of Will Rogers quips, e.g.
Dangerous place to pass a car
Diamonds, to a thief
Drinks made from mixers
Element used in the production of thyroid hormones
Encyc. component
Excellent, in modern slang
Feel indignation towards
Financial adviser's suggestion
"__ for Lawless" (Grafton book)
Force an iron horse to go off course
Goddess symbolized by a cow
Happy-sounding trash bag brand
It's said with a thumb in the air
Ivan the Terrible, for example
Large storage container, as for recyclables
Lentil, e.g.
Like a few hours after midnight
Like surfers paddling surfboards
Longtime Eastern European leader
Louisiana feature
Meredith's cohost on "Today"
Might see "Nights in White" this
Mo. parts
Movement between departments
Musical speed that could be allegro or lento
Nicholas of ___, patron saint of mariners and thieves
Office memo abbreviation that means "immediately"
Open-mouthed in amazement
Part in a four-part chorus
People movers
Permanent calling
Piece of linoleum or marble flooring, for example
Product called a pesticide by the E.P.A.
Protruding-lip expression
Repairs with turf, as a lawn
Ric Ocasek "This ___ of Paradise"
River that was the scene of WWI fighting
Roman garment worn at a frat party, perhaps
Scores for the Maple Leafs
Seed with a flavor like licorice
Sequence of stages, in ecology
Setting for the final Triwizard Tournament event
Sherlock Holmes smoked one
"___ Small Candle" (Roger Waters song)
Song title for both Fleetwood Mac and Starship
Sooner than, to Shakespeare
Spanish liqueur favored by Hemingway
Sudden intake of air caused by surprise
Sunscreen chemical that absorbs UV light
Suspect's "I was home asleep," e.g.
The common people
The "I" in MIT (abbr.)
They return north in the spring
Thickening ingredient in ice cream
Tightly-twisted cotton thread
Tropical tuber
Vehicle taken to a movie premiere, perhaps
What stealth mode may help you elude
Where the world's 100 tallest mountains are found