August 11th 2018, Daily Celebrity Crossword

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A dromedary camel has just one
Acting ensembles
Actor Jude who costarred with Robert Downey, Jr., in two Sherlock Holmes movies
"And another thing ..."
Author of the children's book "James and the Giant Peach": 2 wds.
Author of the children's book "Superfudge": 2 wds.
Author of the children's book "The Giver": 2 wds.
Author of the children's book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar": 2 wds.
Bangkok native
"Ben-___" (2016 movie remake)
Botch things up
Boxer who would "float like a butterfly"
Buildings with lots of individual stores
Card game where you might play a yellow 9 on a red 9
Competed in NASCAR, for example
Container for honey or olives
Continent that's home to Bhutan and Brunei
"Despite ___ differences ..."
Devoted, like a dog towards its owner
Dog whose ancestry is unknown
Estate in "Gone With the Wind"
Fallback option: 2 wds.
Fence made of shrubs
Former leader of Iran who was ousted in 1979
Fry's love interest on "Futurama"
Give up the ghost
Goodman of "Dancing With the Stars"
Hairstyle also called a "natural"
Homophone of "choose"
"House of ___" (2012-2016 Showtime series)
"How clumsy of me!"
It's on the back of a postage stamp
Microbrewery creation
Mix, as a salad
More convinced
"___ never tell!" ("It's a secret!")
"Now just hold ___ minute!": 2 wds.
___ off (started a hole of golf)
"___ on a Grecian Urn" (poem by John Keats)
Ooh and ___
Opposite of night
Original ___ (biblical concept)
Payment to a consultant
Peels, as a piece of fruit
Philip Morris cigarette brand
Potting ___ (stuff gardeners plant flowers in)
Prefix for "cycle" or "pod"
Provoke into action
Scampered away
Sharon who starred on HBO's "Mosaic"
Small hill with a flat top
___ speculation (guesswork)
Spool of movie film
Take advantage of
Test often taken shortly before finishing college: Abbr.
Thing in the sky that can't be explained: Abbr.
Tool that can be used in a lake
___ top (type of hairstyle worn by the Beatles)
Toy used to go down a hill in winter
Tuscaloosa's state: Abbr.
"Veep" costar Tony
Walks unsteadily
Weather that could keep kids from going to school
Windshield sticker
Work hard for