September 15th 2018, Daily Celebrity Crossword

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#1 single on a Billboard chart, for example: 2 wds.
20-/37-Across invention that drastically changed home life: 2 wds.
2012 Emmy nominee Thurman
Clever thought
Computer infection
Continue: 2 wds.
___-crasher (uninvited guest)
Crying spells
Dried grass for a horse's meal
Elementary particle
Ends a computer session: 2 wds.
Entertainment medium that was largely developed by 20-/37-Across: 2 wds.
Exclusive group
Follow as a result
Food with a yolk
Four-stringed instrument at a luau, informally
Gorilla, for one
Group with over 58 million drivers as members: Abbr.
Highly self-satisfied
___ Holliday (Gunfight at the O.K. Corral figure)
Honolulu's island
Insect home that's made from beeswax
Is behind on payments
Jay who was formerly seen on late-night TV
Lobbying group for gun owners: Abbr.
Long walk taken by a Scout troop
Lose color in the wash
Many bed-and-breakfasts
"More information later," on a schedule: Abbr.
Narrow opening for a quarter
Natural abilities like painting and singing
NFL team that plays their home games at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Number before dos, if you're counting in Spanish
Obsessed sea captain who appeared on the final season of "Once Upon a Time"
Outer part of a wheel
Pace that's just short of a run
Park ___ (Manhattan thoroughfare): Abbr.
Prefix for "circle" or "colon"
Pursue romantically
Put blacktop over
Puts bullets into
"Raggedy" redhead on a toy shelf
Related to sight or smell, for example
Reword a manuscript
See 20-Across
Send forth, like energy
Shuts in a noisy manner
Stew (over)
Stone that might be precious
Sweater-___ (sleeveless garment)
Taboo action: Hyph.
"The ___ Ranger"
Touch at an edge
Trash that's been tossed on the ground
Triple ___ (orange liqueur used in a cosmopolitan)
Turned into
Villainous computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Visitors from across the galaxy: Abbr.
Went faster than the legal limit
Where a turkey is cooked
With 37-Across, inventor who held 1,093 US patents and is called "the Wizard of Menlo Park"