January 13th 2019, LA Times

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101 course
1:1, for one
1982 Toto hit
41-Across, often
98, but not 98.6
Achieve success
Actress Peeples
Actress Sommer
Against a thing, at law
Alley Oop's love
Amer. fliers
Apply, as butter
Astronomer's aid
Ax to grind
Bat head?
Beach in a classic bossa nova hit
"Because I __!"
Best-liked, in texts
Big name in ATMs
Bird hunted to extinction by the Maori
Bird on LSU's seal
California roll ingredient
Cardiff's country
Carpet made from corn husks?
Cause of temporary weight loss?
Celebrate wildly
Cell dead spot indicator
Comic-Con attendee
Con __: musical tempo
Conks out
Consequence of only getting close?
Coup target
Critical ticker valve
Criticize to death
Cutlery causing boo-boos?
Defeat decisively in an annual Nathan's contest?
Defib settings
Dentist's directive
Designer Klein
Dies in this puzzle?
Dig deeply
Director Lee
"Dragonwyck" novelist Seton
Eager kids' plea
Easygoing sort
Elvis' middle name
"Enough already!"
European capital
Explore à la an aging Captain Kirk?
Farm workers' coffee setup near a fence post?
First presidential swinger, golf-wise
For instance
__ fu
Galileo's birthplace
Get all misty
GI no-show
Give __
Govt. securities
Greening up
Handle change
Hardly modest
Hardly quick
Heady quaff
Heat-sensitive patch
If all else fails
Into shenanigans
Is for all
It's played secretly under the table
It's usually spotted in a game
Japanese 7-Down
Kentucky __, event before the Derby
Kind of tea
Lab __
Last-__: desperate
Like some memes
Many misses
Many retirees: Abbr.
Moon goddess
More than irk
Mumbai wrap
NASCAR's Yarborough
Not suitable
OB/GYN test
Oft-mispunctuated word
One in line for what's left
One who sniffs out good investments?
Org. with minors
Pablo's putting-off word
Painfully off-pitch Jewish diva?
Palindromic celeb
Photoshop fodder
Pilot feeder
Pitchers Darling and Guidry
Place to stay when you're out, ironically
Plane angle symbol
Pollen-packing petal pusher
Power eponym
Prolong painfully
Radiation source
Revival prefix
Ripped off
Roleo official?
Sampling from Quaid's vineyard?
See 5-Down
Set off
Sign off on
Sleeping bag site
Smartphone options
Some reddish deer
Steamed dumplings, e.g.
Support wear
Surreal ending?
The boy well-known in meteorology?
"The Communist Manifesto" co-author
"The Gift of the Magi" gift
"The Grapes of Wrath" character
Tree house
Tribute with bent elbows
Trim, as a pic
TripAdvisor rival
Twist counterclockwise, as a nut
Utah national park
Vague opening?
Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare tragedy
War zone excavation
"We can't hear you!"
Whale-tale captain
Where even termites were welcome, presumably
"__ woman wishes to be no one's enemy (and) ... refuses to be anyone's victim": Angelou