January 6th 2019, LA Times

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1950s tennis great Lew
400 million of them are produced daily
Agnus __
Air traffic mgmt. group
Altar constellation
Applies, as pressure
Arts section regular
Balkan capital
Barely open
Bass-baritone Simon
Beauty goddesses
Big Apple restaurateur
Bit of defiance, in slang
Black Sea country
Boise's st.
Bring out
Buddy, in slang
Call from the curb
Calrissian of "Star Wars" films
Chain with syrup choices
Chef's amts.
Circus security
__City: computer game
City east of El Paso
Con artist, often
Cooking show title word
Country name that includes its own abbreviation
Creepy looks
Crunchy snack
Daiquiri liquor
DDE opponent
Dior creations
Draw in
Dressy pasta?
Either of two hearth borders?
Elec., e.g.
Email afterthoughts
End of the quip
Eng. ship title
Entered stealthily, perhaps
European carrier
Evil Luthor
Expected results
Fast sailing ships
Former ACC Cavalier rival
Geographical measure
Giant in nonstick pans
Glee club member
Gulf States prince
Heads of the Sorbonne
Hosp. "room"
How uncut grass goes
Hybrid tableware
Indian garment
Indian titles
Insignificant point
__ IRA
Judge of the Yankees
Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge denizen
Köln cooler
Laker or Raptor, briefly
"Last four" ID verifiers
"Law & Order: SVU" actor
Lethargy cause
Letters-to-the-editor writers
Little sucker?
Loch with a legend
"Lord, is __?": Matthew
Lowest points
Maestro Ozawa
Many a political party
Mariner's home
Matchless one's question
Monotony metaphor
Mount Olympus VIP
"My mom's gonna kill me!"
No. 2
NYC line that stops at Yankee Stadium, familiarly
Ohm reciprocal
Oil-rich fed.
Old-fashioned editing tool
One in a sailor's repertoire
One may be left in a copier: Abbr.
Org. with an Acid Rain Program
Out of shape
Pain reliever
Permanent mark
Play areas
Poke holes in, as a lawn
Príncipe's island partner
Putting out
Quip, part 2
Quip, part 3
Quip, part 4
Quip, part 5
Quip, part 6
Refuse to bargain
Rhyming boxer
Safari beast
Sandwich side
Sea-Tac abbr.
See 8-Across
Seine summer
Shakespearean title city
Short alias?
Shortest mo.
Shrek creator William
Six-sided state
"__ so you!"
"Splish Splash" singer
Start of a quip
State admitted to the Union after Texas
Street shader
Subjects of many online videos
Think (over)
Three before kappa
__ tie
Town line sign abbr.
Trolley sound
"War of the Worlds" target
"Wedding Bell Blues" soloist Marilyn
Whse. unit
With 123-Across, speaker of the quip
Work on, as a bone
Work with thread