March 10th 2019, LA Times

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19th Greek letter
20-volume ref.
348-seat Parisian body
African antelope
Annoying type
Arizona county or its seat
Becoming an item, maybe
"__ Believer": '60s hit
Berlin article
Big Apple mongrels?
Big name in frozen treats
Big tops, e.g.
Call for assistance
"Catch 21" airer, initially
Catfish habitat
Chews (on)
Choosing to skip
Classical beginning
Composer Bartók
Confusion about who really won an international competition?
Consumes without cooking
Cry during an argument between siblings
DDE's domain
"__ directed"
__ drab
"__ du lieber!"
Dutch actress Verbeek of "Outlander"
Easy mark
End notes
Expanses of land
Finished 50% (of)
Fished with pots
Folded food
Follow again
Francine's "For sure"
Frat guy
Freshwater bulrushes
Fungal plant coating
Furious state
Gloomy Gus
Golf pro's instructive stroke?
Good place for driving
Gophers and gardeners, say
Greek portico
Groans from a Russian egg producer?
Hard shoe
Indian wraps
Inventory acronym
Is unsuccessful in
It's usually the hit
Lab do-over
Language suffix
Like a delirious crowd
Like Earth
"Lobster Telephone" artist
Looking up
Loser who finds a silver lining?
Low-tech weed whacker
Lowered in dignity
Major Hindu deity
Many a CEO's credential
Many get snacks during them
Mark not to play
Marsh plant
Marshmallow-filled snack
Med. lab letters
Medium condition?
Menu general
Mor. neighbor
Move like a crab
Mysteriously-appearing debris?
Nebraska native
Old MacDonald surely had one
One coming out
One in a researcher's stack
One involved in a sweeping gesture?
Online marketplace
OTC drug regulator
Parlor purchase
Part of CD-ROM
Patriotic org.
__ Paulo
Pelé's first name
__ Pérignon
Pieces' partners
Playoff rankings
"Point Break" plot, e.g.
Pong maker
Prefix with cardial
__ price
Prius producer
Quick bread choice
Red Baron's conflict, briefly
Red misplays?
Red or Black
Regular at Sam's bar
Ring features
Saigon holiday
Salon offering
Scandinavian capital
Scold, with "down"
Score-tying shot
See 98-Down
Short brew?
Slaughter of old baseball
Small-truck company
Snidely Whiplash look
"So long"
Some junior high students
Some NCOs
Something in your eye
Sommer of cinema
Sound of relief
Starts a pot
Starts over
Stay put until the storm ends
Tahari of fashion
Takeoff times?
Talkative fighter
The littlest bit
Thieves' home?
Three sheets to the wind
Title derived from "Caesar"
Type of eye layer
Typographer's concern
Untouchables leader
Upper crust
Vegan staple
"Venerable" Eng. monk
Virginia __
What gamblers weigh
When required
With 122-Down, Eagles classic
Word before ball or after figure
Word from the French for "clear the table"
Worrisome engine sound