March 18th 2018, LA Times

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23rd of 24
80%-Disney-owned channel
97-Across output
Actress Helen with her personal programmer?
Adorable one
Alley in comics
Author Binchy
B, in a sandwich
Bag by the barbecue
Bastes, say
Big-eyed bird
Bird related to the noddy
Brand that's a homophone of its company's initials
Bridget Riley's "Movement in Squares," e.g.
Brusque orchestral violinists?
Bush boss
Call for icing, maybe
Card game shout
Card in a wallet
CD part
Child with a sponsor, maybe
Chocolate-loving gang?
__ collar
Complex story
__ de coeur: amorous relationship
"Dead __ Society": 1989 film
Deli choice
Does penance (for)
Doesn't hold back
Done with
Florida NFLer
Former "Today" co-host
Gets more friendly, with "up"
Giuseppe's god
Glittery rock
Golf bag set
Got hot online
Granite St. campus
Groom on a 1952 Life cover
Half-__: coffee order
"Hamilton" award
Head honcho, e.g.
High time
Hit hard
Holiday drink
Homer's "Northeaster," for one
Honey beverage
Ideal areas
Informal pricing words
It borders three oceans
It gives you the big picture
It may be given with a bow
Italian noble family
It's often stained
John follower
Just barely, at the track
Kids responsible for breakfast bread?
Kiss at the mall, briefly
Knockoff hr.
Language that gives us "kayak"
Large crosses
Letters before Q?
Like many Bing Crosby records
Like two Beethoven piano sonatas
Limited-choice, as a question
Limo amenity
Literally, "shady side"
Logician's letters
Low choristers
Lumberyard supplier
Lunch with fish
Measurement for meat rotating on a spit?
Middle eye layer
Most highly regarded seasoning?
Musician's suffix
Nats pitcher González
Near the start
"Not a chance!"
"__ Not There": Zombies hit
N.Y. neighbor
Old Eurasian rulers
One of a program dozen
O'Neill's daughter
Oscar __
Part of the woods?
Pie nut
Pipes and such
Place to grab a bite
Prepares potatoes, in a way
Put on
Quick quality
Radio tuning shortcut
Randy Johnson and Aroldis Chapman
Really mess up
Rex in the classics
Sacred scroll
Saddlebag carrier
Seating option
Security briefing org.
See 83-Across
Singer DiFranco
Ski resort refreshment?
Slow and steady
Soft shoe
Source of film trivia
Staple __
Start of a sad tale
Sticking point?
Straights and flushes
Talking point?
"The Clan of the Cave Bear" author
"Trinity" novelist
"Tristram Shandy" author
Two-letter pop group
Vanishing sound
__ vivant
Wall covers
Well-ventilated chef's hat?
Where some pounds are spent: Abbr.
Wine adjective
Words often about details
Yalta Conference notable
Yogi Bear co-creator
Zagreb native