May 12th 2019, LA Times

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19-y'ar-old comics character
2009 Tony-winner "Billy __ the Musical"
"A Death in the Family" author
A third of nove
"All bets __ off"
Aloha shirt go-with
Angled array
Aquarium favorite
Arranged, as a deal
Author of macabre tales
Bear with a too-hard bed
Big bucks, briefly
Big D hoops pro
Brad's role in "Inglourious Basterds"
Broad-leafed maritime plant
Calls for
Case workers: Abbr.
Casual Friday adjective
Cathedral section
Celebrity chef Bobby
Choice bit
"Chopped" utensil
Clapton classic
Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle
Coconut Grove setting
Coconut sources
Common login component
Commuting options: Abbr.
Compressed video format
County fair fare
Crafts website
Danish seaport
"David Copperfield" girl
Debate focal point
Development areas
Disappoint, with "down"
Disc golf starting points
Discontinuation phrase
Doesn't need
Eligibility factor
Eliot title hero
"Enchanted" film title girl
Ending with fluor-
EPA-banned pesticide since 1972
Fairly large, sumwise
Far from relaxed
Farther down
Filled, folded fare
Former "Fashion Emergency" host
Founding Father found in a bar?
Fruity soda
Gave up, as arms
Geological stretch
German title
Golf's "Big Easy" Ernie
Goose egg
Group with similar interests
Hammer-throw trajectories
Hat of Ecuadorian origin, oddly
Headed up
Held another session
High naval rank
"I always lie," e.g.
Illinois city west of Chicago
Indian brew
Informal demand for propriety
Instrument with a flared 60-Across
It's a bad sign
Jack Reacher creator Lee __
Jazz singer Jones
"Just think ... "
King's first published novel
Last stroke, usually
Like candy canes
Like some folklore
Look after
Louisville Sluggers, e.g.
Made a fast stop?
Matter of fact
__ Mawr College
Mild oaths
Most fitting
Nam lead-in
Not easily ruffled
NYC tourist attraction
Octane booster
On-call volunteer, perhaps
One who can't put down the phone?
Physicist's study
Planning session product
Poor Yelp rating
Pose in fancy clothes, say
Puget Sound city
Put the kibosh on
Quote qualifier
Ready to explode
Region in the Eurasian Steppe
Reported story
Resort near Snowbird
Road warning
Russo of "The Intern"
Sch. with a Phoenix campus
Seashore raptor
Seaweed wrap purveyors
See 17-Down
Senior's highlight
Severely harm
She outwitted a witch
Shelter mission
Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park
Slim predatory swimmer
"So that's it!"
Some movie ratings
Soul, to Sartre
Sounds of thunder
Source of a draft
Storm relief org.
Stroked tool
Student leader?
Studio apartment accommodation
Subs aren't on it
Swiffer product
"The Blues Brothers" fashion accessories
Tokyo : hai :: Paris : __
Truck maker with a bulldog logo
Type that can't stay off the grass?
Vichy vacation time
Warning during a snowstorm
Watch readout abbr.
Weasley family owl
Weather-sensitive hr.
Wild way to go
Wild way to run
With less delay
Wyndham-owned chain
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