October 23rd 2016, La Times

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1990 #1 rap hit
Almond __: candy
American Red Cross founder Barton
Approaching the hour
Award declined by George C. Scott
Ballerina's hairdo
Barcelona-born muralist
Beige shade
Bilingual subj.
Block from the White House
Blue heron kin
Bonnie or Clyde
Book jacket entry
Boston-to-D.C. rail service
CalArts degree
Carlo __: wine brand
Center of Florida?
Chicago's __ Center
Chugged, say
Churchill, notably
Classic for which Pavarotti won a Grammy
Coarsely insulting, as language
Collectible baseball card brand
Cologne cooler
Company with a blue bird logo
Company with an ironically crooked logo
Computer game title island
Consequence of the telemarketing boom
Country on St. George's Channel
Courier and Roman
Curaçao cocktail
Dance partner
Did some farm work
Disappeared from view
Doctoral candidate's hurdles
Drink, in Dover
Drive-thru burger chain whose name has two hyphens
Duma vote
Earth goddess
Eight, to Mozart
*English surgeon Henry
Fervently wishes
*First human woman, in Greek myth
*First of all?
Fist bumps
Folk tales
Foreman stat
"Fresh Air" airer
Furry sci-fi creature
Giants great Mel
Gloomy fellow
Govt. guidelines
Hard-to-imagine period
Have a loan from
Hawk's domain
Huffy states
"I never __ purple cow ... ": Burgess
Ill-kept confidence
It has Air, Mini and Pro versions
It's charged
It's in our genes
Kept from squeaking
King with a pipe
Lacking width and depth
Leaves for a Chinese dinner
Legal scholar Guinier
Lerner collaborator
Letters connected to theater capacity
Lifesaver, initially
Like a paddling surfer
Like jeggings
Line crosser
Links seen at pga.com
Looks really happy
Lose intensity
Luxurious fur
Make a home
Marsh duck
Match made in heaven
*Memorable 1968 role for Mia
Mining haul
Mo. town
Money immediately available
Mr. or Mrs.
Name on the 1984 album "My Kind of Country"
New Mexico county bordering El Paso
*Noted WWII lifesaver
Nursery cry
NYC commuter letters
Others, in Oaxaca
Ownership claim ... and a hint to the relationship of each answer to a starred clue to a word it intersects
Part of a circ.
Perry's creator
Peter Benchley thriller
Playground retort
"Popeye" pirate
Potted dwarf
Prankster's missile
Racing Unsers
"Really, Captain Obvious?"
Seasonal drink
*Second-longest reigning British monarch
See 49-Across
Send for
Shadow targets
Sounded nostalgic about
SpaceX CEO Musk
Specialized slicing tools
Sticks figure
Stooge with a bowl haircut
Street fare seekers
Student advocacy gp.
Subj. with unknowns
Sunburn salve
Talked a blue streak?
Talks like Daffy
Thunder sound
Tiger, e.g.
Took off
Tool for Cupid
Tossed a bone to
Treat on a stick
Type of massage
Upgrade, as on Yelp
Used Lyft, say
Very destructive
Vet student's workplace
Vice squad incursions
Waikiki wingding
Winds up or winds down
With 113-Across, "Funeral in Berlin" author
Worst of the worst
Zen garden piece