October 8th 2017, LA Times

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Amigo's assent
"Another Green World" musician
Antenna housing
At the back of the pack
Aunt with a "Cope Book"
Aussie greeting
Baseball's Hershiser
Beef on the patio
Big __
"Big Blue"
Blowup: Abbr.
Bold & Crispy Fries maker
Brew, in a way
Bridge declaration
Bright circle?
Canal locale
Carpeting calculation
Cat pal of Otis
Catchall category
Caught in the act
Chain that sells Grand Slam breakfasts
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Chinese menu possessive
Cider maker
City near Provo
Civil War letters
Closely packed
Confident solver's choice
Cookout favorite
"Coriolanus" setting
Crunchy snack choice
Cry from Homer
Deli bread
Dessert with syrup
Dig in, so to speak
Dispenser made obsolete by the shaker
Dorm breakfast, maybe
"Drab" color
Drops off
Election winners
Eligible for
"Et voilà!"
"Exodus" hero
Federation in OPEC
Feudal lords
For, to Fernando
Fretted instruments
Gardner of mystery
Garr of "Mr. Mom"
Gets in shape
Green shade
Hawaiian island
He played Scotty on "Star Trek"
Hook's mate
Horse-drawn vehicle
Hunt for
Impertinent sort
Its capital is Oranjestad
It's intoxicating
It's not a teeny wienie
Juicy fruit
Know one's __: master a subject
Lake Mich. state
Language that gave us "plaid"
Learned ones
Least ingenuous
Lively Cuban dance
Magazine founder Eric
Major work
Make __ of: write down
Many a Sundance film
Marsh growths
Martinique, par exemple
Mathematician Descartes
Mimosa family tree
Modern address
Nabisco noshes
Nasdaq unit: Abbr.
New Zealand native
"No Country for __"
Offshore equipment
Oil acronym
Oilers, on NHL scoreboards
One of nine Clue cards
Org. that does searches
Parisian lover's word
Parisian pronoun
Pasta choice
Pickup place?
Place to put down stakes?: Abbr.
Pond growth
Pretentious sort
P's on frat jackets
Recipe verb
Retired fliers
Reverse pic
Rural "reckon"
Rwandan people
Saigon soup
Saint-__: French Riviera resort
Seabird related to the booby
Seehorn of "Better Call Saul"
Seems suspicious
Seine feeder
Seoul soldier
Serious plays
Some polytheists
Some sodas
"Spy vs. Spy" magazine
Stands for
Stretched to the limit
Stubborn sailor's response
Take back to the lab
The Beatles' "__ Mine"
"The Kiss" sculptor
"The one who makes it, takes it" breakfast brand
Three-time NFL rushing yards leader Adrian
Trattoria selection
TV's Hercules Kevin __
Unagi or anago
USN officer
Water collection pit
Weeper of myth
Willow twigs
Windows XP successor
Winner's cry
Worthy principles