September 13th 2016, La Times

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1998 Bullock/Kidman film involving witchcraft
Acts like Elizabeth Taylor?
Airport idlers
"__ all good"
"And away __!"
"__ are the times that try men's souls": Paine
Baltic Sea capital
Bamboo eater
Barcelona cheer
"Big Hero 6" hero
Big name in antivirus software
Bikini top
Butter toffee bar
Car rental giant
Carrier that added "ways" to its name in 1997
Carrier to Copenhagen
Chestnut horse
Chicken chow __
Christine's lover in "The Phantom of the Opera"
Classic arcade game Donkey __
Clicker's target
Comics punch sound
Coral island
Corn piece
Cornerstone abbr.
Corrosive liquid
"__ culpa"
Data set average
Data unit
D.C. fundraisers
Detective Pinkerton
Did some wickerwork
Divided island of Southeast Asia
Dollar competitor
Don Corleone's first name
Early-bird catches
Economist Greenspan
Elizabeth Taylor role informally
Estevez of "The Breakfast Club"
Every which way
Firstborn son of Cain
Flag Day month
Flea market payment
Former French president Jacques
__ Friday's
Fries slaw etc. ... and what this puzzle's circles represent
Furnace output
Gas company with toy trucks
German coal valley
Going to the grocery store the bank etc.
"Gone With the Wind" family name
Gossipy sort
Gravy container
Gun lobby org.
Harbor craft
High in the sky
High-speed Amtrak service
Historic periods
Hollywood agent
Hotel count
How some sloganed T-shirts should be washed
In need of a friend
In the middle of
Kemper of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
Ken or Daria of financial journalism
Kett of old comics
King of Judea
Knight's weapon
__ Lanka
Large shade tree
Learning by memorization
Leave out
Legumes used in cook-offs
__ Mahal
Maiden name intro
Marathon aftermath
Mars explorer
Math subj.
McCain or McConnell
Medicinal houseplant
Mended using stitches with "up"
Metal-rich deposits
Modeler's buy
More than rotund
Moscow : nyet :: Berlin : __
Most of the Jolly Green Giant's laugh
Neck of the woods
Not at all excited
Nuptial vows
Oater law group
Obedience school command
"Obviously Einstein!"
Ocho minus cinco
"Okay __ do it!"
Old TWA rival
Older brother of Jeff Bridges
Ones "in distress" in old films
Online company with many drivers
Oodles and oodles
Paper or plastic choice
Poetic foot
Popular climb from Lone Pine California
Preserve as ashes
Protest singer Phil
RC or Pepsi
Religious symbols
Ritz-Carlton rival
Rodent in a German lab
Rub out
Scott of "Happy Days"
Singer Horne
"So long!" along the Seine
Some speeches open with them ... as do this puzzle's four longest entries
Square root of 64
Strike caller
Subsurface woodwork decoration
Surrealist painter from Barcelona
Swelling reducer
Symbol for the lower piano music part
Take a break
Tales of __: misfortunes
Tax-sheltered nest egg
Tennis court surface
"Terrible" tsar
Throat-clearing word
Tie the __: marry
"__ to Billie Joe"
Toddler's taboo
Total in math
Tot's piggies
Twistable cookie
Ultimatum words
Uno card
Unsportsmanlike behavior
Versailles send-off
Waitstaff boss
Watson of "Harry Potter" films
West Point initials
Wintry coating
Without delay in memos
Word after floor or flight
Word on a shoppe sign
Work with a loom