April 13th 2019, New York Times

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2018 Oscar-nominated picture whose soundtrack sold over one million copies
Actress Aduba of "Orange Is the New Black"
Ancient Rome's Circus of ___
Auto inspection no.
Band with the 1980 hit album "Freedom of Choice"
Bhagavad-___ (Sanskrit text)
Big Apple media inits.
Carrier with a yin/yang symbol in its logo
Cause to groan, maybe
Cocktail with vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice
Collection of superstars
Country singer with a cityish name
Doesn't look so well?
___ Drago, opponent of Rocky in "Rocky IV"
Driver's assignment
Evidence of merit
Extra help
Fairy tale villain
Film site
Former Iraqi V.I.P. Tariq ___
Georges of the Romantic era
"God ___"
Good name for a gardener
Household name?
Hula hoop?
[I'm still here, you know]
"___ in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian": H. L. Mencken
Jermaine who was a six-time N.B.A. All-Star
Kind of strip
Kind of test for a baby
Little brats
Long green
Lustrous material
Make the grade
Minute amount
Oliver Twist, for example
One of five in "La Bohème"
Opposite of excitement
Part of a Latin trio
Pastrami and corned beef
Piece of equipment in the game cornhole
Pope during the Battle of Ostia
Rapper MC ___ of N.W.A
Requirements for voting
Result of a meltdown?
Say "what?," say
See 6-Across
Some Deco collectibles
Soup kitchen sight
Sparks can be seen at its edge
Spider-Man's archenemy
Starts something slowly
Stockpile that may be subject to inspection
Subway fare?
Supreme Court nickname, with "the"
Sushi bar topping
Symbol of change
U people?
Way that someone might get out
Where one might go out to get a bite?
With 38-Across, this whole time
Wrinkly fruit