April 4th 2019, New York Times

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2008 political catchphrase
"A forest bird never wants a ___": Ibsen
Actress Blanchett
Actress Scala
Adjusts, as laces
Agreed to, in a way
Batman co-creator Bob
Beloved, in Bologna
Bucolic call
Cognac age indicator
Common artwork in New York City subways
Cool shade
Court V.I.P.: Abbr.
___ Day (supplement)
Division of a hacienda
Doctors Without Borders or Oxfam, in brief
___ Duncan, Obama education secretary
European capital
___ Express (Delhi-to-Agra train)
Fashion editor Wintour
Father of the American Cartoon
Feature of Cajun Country
First name in dance
French politico Marine Le ___
Give an appointment to
Gnarly, as a tree trunk
Goblinlike creature
Goddess in a chariot pulled by peacocks
Head: Ger.
House rules may not apply here
Iconic introduction in cinema
Insistent refusal
Instructor's remark after making a mistake
Invitation stipulation
It's a two-hour drive north of Pittsburgh
Just for ___
"Let's ___!"
Like a sleeper cell?
Like an overcast night sky
Like Bill Clinton's presidency
Literary character who says "I will wear my heart upon my sleeve"
Longtime Mississippi politico Trent
Man's nickname that sounds like a pest
Mark ___, 1998 P.G.A. Player of the Year
Nautical propeller
Number of sides on a triangolo
One of a 1970s TV family
One way to get out of jail
Part of some Hebrew men's names
Place where beads are made
Power ___
Preceder of Edison
Quack remedy
Rain forest menace
Ring finish, briefly
Saying suggesting that worldly possessions should be enjoyed
Showy accessories
Sleeper that never dreams
So-called universal donor type, for short
Subs (for)
The dark side
The way
Tony and Emmy winner Tyne
Trying tasks
What a doodle might be in
What goes above and beyond?
What makes a tumbler spin
What one gets after many years of work
Where you go for a fresh start ... or a hint for four answers in this puzzle
"Where's ___?"