August 8th 2018, New York Times

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Actor Gibson
Ages and ages
*Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray
An ever-increasing amount of an office workday, it seems
Astronomer's aid
Band aid?
Big cheese in the Netherlands
Blob on a slide
Bring to the majors
Camden Yards athlete
Carnival setting, informally
'C'est la vie'
Concerning, to attorneys
Congressional vote wrangler
Director Browning of the original 'Dracula'
Disney princess played in film by Emma Watson
*Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev and Julius Lothar Meyer
'Don't drink and drive' ad, e.g
'Don't worry about me!'
Drive home
Dungeons & Dragons figure
Eating the forbidden fruit, e.g
Emulates a Disney princess
Fails to mention
Felix or Fritz
Fishhook feature
Friend to a Frenchman
Garage jobs
Google search results unit
*Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Isaac Newton
Heat setting
How the fashionable are said to arrive
'In other words ...'
In the style of
It's found behind a temple
Key also known as 'Option'
L.A.P.D. alert
*Leo Szilard and Joseph Rotblat
Like margarita glasses
Longtime Boston Celtics executive Danny
Maytag alternative
___-mo replay
Newspaper strip
Nigeria's biggest export
Not very likely
Notre Dame nooks
Odd duck
Papa's mate
Piled carelessly
Quaint farewells
Radames's love, in opera
'Say Yes to the Dress' airer
Second-most common Korean surname, after Kim
See 1-Across
Sierra maker
Smoke, for short
Some college building dedicatees
Stadium attendance
System for the deaf, for short
Take ___ (doze)
Teammate of Babe on the 1920s Yankees
Tear wiper
The Goddess of Pop
They go well with plaids
*Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan
Transport to a red carpet
Venetian marketplace
Very pixel-dense, as a TV picture
Wage ___ of words
When repeated, one of the Ramones
Who said 'Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up'
With 27-, 49- and 66-Across, phrase applicable to five innovations in this puzzle (as suggested by the starred clues)
Word with Peace or press
Worms and flies