December 18th 2016, New York Times

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19,101-foot volcano next to Peru's second-largest city
1975 TV debut, briefly
Anagram of the letters O-N-D
Animal in an Aesop fable
Barrels ___
Big Australian export
Blacksmith's tool
Boxer's reward
Bus. card abbr
Carbon compound
Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, e.g
Caterpillar product
Certain blade
Chemo target
City that, despite its name, is smaller than Little Rock
Common strip steak weight: Abbr
Court concern
D.C. player
Dead follower
Eats (at)
En ___ (chess maneuver)
Ending with syn- or ant-
Exams required for some prep schools
Facefuls in slapstick
Father, familiarly
First name of an Oscar-nominated actress of 1957
Fix, as a pool cue
Florida State athlete, for short
Gone bad, in Britain
Grim sort?
Harry or Bess in the White House
Historical period
Home star of Cthulhu, in fantasy tales
Hood lead-in
Ingredient in an old-fashioned
Instrument for an angel
Japanese auto make
Legendary Egyptian queen
Lewd look
Liberal arts college in the Keystone State
Like a more-than-full spoonful
Like dungeons
Like hand-me-downs
Like Joan of Arc
Like many a lot
Like Norton software
'Liliom' playwright Ferenc ___
'___ Little Tenderness'
Longest bone in the human body
Marketplace of old
Member of the cat family
Month after Av
Nav. rank
Old German ruler nicknamed 'the Short'
One of five on a starfish
One of Frank's wives
One of the blanks in the cereal slogan '___ are for ___'
One runs through the middle of Kansas City
Part of a plant embryo that develops into a root
Plains dwelling: Var
Publish anew
Raise again, as a flag
Remove a label from
___ Rica
Run off
'___ saw a little bird ...' (Mother Goose rhyme)
Set of clubs in a bag
Sherlock Holmes accessory
Skin diving locale
Slithy ones
Small songbird
Something that stuns
Something to brush off a jacket
Something you can do with flies
Spread dirt, in a way
Square ___
State with part of I-81: Abbr
Stick together
Suffix with schnozz
The Marx Brothers spent a night at one
The year 1601
These could amount to fortunes
This does not fly
Thrown with force
Time in ads
Tinker, for one, in olden days
Tokyo, once
V-shaped fortification
Vehicle used for grooming ski trails
Very busy
Vingt-___ (multiple de trois)
Walks in rain boots, say
What many Oscar speeches do
What you might call a dog
'What's this?!'
Where to find grooms
White House sight