February 9th 2019, New York Times

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Abbr. in a job posting
Actress Headey of "Game of Thrones"
Adult, say
Beginner's piano exercise
Best Play and Best Moment
Big Apple's "bravest," briefly
Bit in some Japanese soup
Bit of baby babbling
Can hardly believe what one sees, say
Carrier seen in "The Aviator"
Chinese snack with marblelike patterns on the outside
Competitors of Grand Ams
Dickens's "Little ___"
Field of flowers
Fiercely criticize
Former publishing nickname
Fox rival, once
Get in the last word?
Give way
Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, casually
Gossipy schoolmate on "The Facts of Life"
Has too much, for short
Help out
Hospital attachment
How plots are measured
It takes the cake
Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund
Leave in a hurry
Lid bump
Lucky Rabbit's name in early Disney films
Manor occupant of yore
Much of Chile
Novel opinion?
Orange ball
Part of a cornstalk
Patchy pattern
Popular 1950s vehicle making a comeback in the 2010s
Prefix with spore or sperm
Servant to Queen Amidala
Setting for an Agatha Christie mystery
Small square
Some couples
Some preparations for the Olympics
Something picked up at a coffee shop
Sound barrier?
Statue in Piccadilly Circus
Stole from a drag show?
Swings and misses
Taking a stab at?
Team with the longest active World Series drought (as of 2018)
"That guy's pathetic!"
"The Entertainer," for one
To this point
Top prize at the Berlin International Film Festival
Tree pictured in van Gogh's "The Starry Night"
"You're killin' me!"