January 15th 2017, New York Times

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Admitted (to)
After ___ (to some extent)
Almost falls
Alphabet string
Also-ran for the golden apple, in myth
Amber, e.g
Amps, with 'up'
And so on: Abbr
Apple product
___ Aquino, Time's Woman of the Year in 1986
Awkward time at family movie night
Balsa or balsam
Blue Cross competitor
Boater's wear
Brunch menu heading
Budgetary excess
Bull's urging
Car company that owns SolarCity
Channel buildup
Chinese philosopher Mo-___
Common flower that's poisonous to eat
Covered in frost
Craggy peak
___ department
Distillery item
Doctor's orders, for short
Dutch financial giant
Fashion guru Tim
First name in late-night
Fleet for many a commuter airline
Foe of the Cheyenne
Genre for TV's 'Stranger Things'
Ghost story?
Golfer's need
Govt. org. that offers a monthly 'Puzzle Periodical'
Hand-held dish that doesn't crunch
HBO political satire
Home to Weber State University
Hot tubs
Hurt sharply
'I don't reckon'
'In Trump We Trust' author, 2016
Indiana Jones trademark
Insect that spends its larval stage inside a fruit
Interminable task
Is off
Jacket material
Japanese soup
Keep in
Kia model
Kind of computing
Kind of kick
Knight club
Light cotton fabric
Like kitsch
Like shoppers worrying about getting the right gift?
Long arm
Makes fizzy
Miners' aids
Most fit
Muddy mixture
'___ Must Die' (Claude McKay poem)
Network standard for smartphones, for short
New York City's ___ River
Nickname for a Gilded Age businessman with a penchant for jewelry
Non-prophet group?
Not we
Obama's signature health law, for short
___ of reality
Old tabloid fodder
Org. concerned with water quality
Outback animal
Packers' grp.?
___ pad
Part of a club selling clubs
Part of a postal address for a G.M. plant
Part of the Dept. of Transportation
Part of un jour
Parts of college courses
Pass over
Piece still under consideration for a magazine?
Product of evaporation
Recipe abbr
Result of a year-end review, maybe
Roll call response in une école
Santa's nieces and nephews?
Scale note
Sch. in Knoxville
Scheduled to arrive
See 123-Across
Set of principles
Several CBS dramas
Short, for short
Signal meaning 'no disease on this ship'
Something set in a meeting
Source for 'Book of the Marvels of the World,' circa 1300
Sources of stress for many modern workers
Specimen, for example: Abbr
'That deep, blue, bottomless soul,' per Melville
'That so?'
The 'kid' in 'Here's looking at you, kid'
The Prada that one really wants?
'There it is!'
Thomas of the N.B.A
Time to go home
Toddler garment
Troop grp
Truck driver?
Uber-owned company that makes self-driving trucks
Vehicle at a ski resort
'Village' newspaper that's namby-pamby?
W. Coast air hub
Warning before lunging
Wernher ___ Braun
When tripled, symbol of evil
'Will ya look at that!'
With 113-Down, product of flax
Women's fashion magazine
Workers in some labs, informally