July 16th 2017, New York Times

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12.01, for carbon: Abbr.
1970s TV cool dude, with "the"
19th-century French landscapist
45 player
Actor Gillen of "Game of Thrones"
Actor Reeves
Actress Kazan of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
Alternative to wind
___ an independent (eschewed the party label)
"Anyhoo," e.g.
Apple debut of 2001
Architect Gehry
Area far from port
Artist who designed costumes for "Ben-Hur"
As a joke
As good as it gets
Author Ana�s
Awful idea
"Beowulf" and others
Bird bills
Boomers' offspring
Bottle for oil or vinegar
Bring home the bacon
Bunny chasers?
Bush or Clinton, collegiately
Captain Nemo's creator
Captain von Trapp's betrothed
Carolina ___
Company lover?
Concentration, to a British chemist
Couturier Cassini
Cpl., e.g.
D.C. athlete
Dealer's query
Discouraging words
Dried (off)
DVD button
Elementary school trio, briefly
Excuse for not turning in homework
Fifth-century pope known as "the Great"
"___ first ..."
First name in courtroom fiction
Five Norwegian kings
Fly-fisher's line joiner
French nobleman
Geneva and Beirut
Get off at Grand Central, say
Gold rush city of 1899
Gorilla watcher Fossey
Having an effect
"Hidden Figures" actor
Hong Kong's Hang ___ Index
Hosp. staffers
It might absorb a blow
It's Irish for "We Ourselves"
"It's on me!" ... or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters
"___ Just Seen a Face" (Beatles tune)
Kind of pad
Kind of question
"Life According ___" (Emmy-winning documentary)
Like most things in "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"
Like some thinking
Lose steam, with "out"
"Mad Money" network
Make brighter, as a fading tattoo
Male duck
Med. school subject
Met soprano Berger
"Miss Julie" opera composer, 1965
Mister, in New Delhi
Mufflers and such
Mull over
"My ___" (1979 hit by the Knack)
Nail polish brand
Nary ___
Nice thing to hit
Nighty-night wear
No longer fast?
Nursery rhyme destination
O.K., in Okinawa
Old-style warning
One challenged by a sentry
One of 16 works by Brahms
Oral tradition
Orange avenue in Monopoly
Overcome an embarrassment
Pai ___ (Chinese gambling game)
Palm piece
Partially edited version of a movie
Picking up a quart of milk, say
Place to pray
Places to get looped
Polish rolls
Presidents' Day event
Put into words
Quarrel (with)
Ran off
Reasons to say yes
Recipe direction
Resident of Tatooine in "Star Wars"
Rhett Butler's final two words
Roasted: Sp.
ROFL alternative
Rope fiber
Scott of "Joanie Loves Chachi"
Shield border
Shipping route
Singer DiFranco
Slept with, biblically
Son of, in Arabic names
Spanish bloom
Stereotypical Deadhead wear
Summer position for a college student
"Thanks ___ God!"
Traditional Chinese forces
U.S. rebellion leader of 1841-42
Weisshorn and others
Western ___ (college course, informally)
What you should do "if symptoms persist"
Word before Cong or Minh
Zagreb's country