March 10th 2019, New York Times

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1,000 large calories
1993 Salt-N-Pepa hit whose title is a nonsense word
(A- or B )/7
A short while?
Abbr. on a phone dial
Actor Gibson of "2 Fast 2 Furious"
Actor Gillen of "Game of Thrones"
Actress Portia
Airport security apparatus
Angular measurement
Annual athletic awards show
Attempted something
Blank section at the start of a cassette
Blobbish "Li'l Abner" creature
Booking for a wedding
Box score bit
Brest friend
Brewery named for a New York river
"Bus Stop" playwright
Certain red algae
Contraction in a Christmas song
Curse word
Dawn goddess
Demolition tool
Dermatologist's concern
Device that comes with 79-Across
Didn't doubt
Director Caro
Drop acid
Drop to zero battery
Earth Science subj.
Elvis's middle name
Exclamation that might accompany a curtsy
Exodus figure
Fashionable set
Father-and-daughter boxing champs
Fictional Mr.
First female singer to have three simultaneous solo top 10 singles
Fishmonger, at times
Follower of Christ?
For sale in malls
Former national airline of Brazil
Founder of Egypt's 19th dynasty
Free all-ad publication
Gas brand with an oval logo
Get along
Goes off course
Grassy stretches
Guitar inlay material
Handle online
"Hey ___"
Instrument that represents the duck in "Peter and the Wolf"
Kind of year: Abbr.
K'ung Fu-___ (Chinese name for Confucius)
L x A
Lab-assisted, after "in"
Lacework technique
Letters sometimes followed by :D
Like cornflakes, after sitting for a while
Like Quakers
Like unbaked bread
Made an attempt
Martinique, par exemple
Middling mark
Mullah's decree
Mystery Writers of America trophy
Mystical ball, e.g.
New York's longest parkway, with "the"
"No sweat"
Nonmoving part of a motor
Noted dog trainer
"Now I get it!"
Old-fashioned cry of despair
On point
One way to turn
Only places to find anteaters in the U.S.
Opening to an apology
OxyContin, e.g.
Painter whose masterwork is said to be the Scrovegni Chapel frescoes
Part of T.G.I.F.: Abbr.
Phnom ___
Pitched low
Police group with an assignment
Postwar German sobriquet
Put at stake
R&B group with the 1991 #1 hit "I Like the Way"
Relating to radioactive element #92
Russian blue or Egyptian Mau
Sappho, e.g.
Seller of Famous Bowls
She, in Portuguese
Short cuts
Single hair on a carpet, maybe
Soldier food, for short
Some giggling dolls
Spanish-speaking Muppet on "Sesame Street"
Stick on, as a poster
Sticks on the tongue?
"Sure, I guess"
Tapering haircut
Tennis's Nadal
Test for college srs.
The Caribbean's ___ Islands
"The Nutcracker" protagonist
The ___ Road in America (Nevada's Highway 50)
The "x" in x^2 = 666
Theater reproof
Theresa May, for one
Things that people are warned not to cross
Throw in the microwave, slangily
Turned yellow, say
Two-stripe NCOs: Abbr.
Vodka in a blue bottle
Wrist ornament
W.S.J. announcements
W.W. II rationing agcy.
Wynken, Blynken and Nod, e.g.
x - y = x - y
Years in the Roman Empire