May 12th 2019, New York Times

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2006 novel for which Cormac McCarthy won a Pulitzer Prize
45 things
Actor Bud of "Harold and Maude"
Adjusted to some index - or how 23-, 35-, 66- and 93-Across are measured per this puzzle?
Alee, at sea
As well
Bad thing to be left in, with "the"
Ballerina's support
___ bean
Beat the rap
Bee or Em
Before, old-style
Bel ___ cheese
Big brand in soft drinks
Brand pitched as "Always Comfortable"
Break from screen viewing
"Bus Stop" playwright
Camera inits.
Chemical compound
City famous for its Cuban sandwiches
Clubs, e.g. ... or entry requirement for some clubs
Coffee-flavored liqueur
Coffin supports
___ colada
Competitor of Amazon Handmade
Contented sound
Coveted Scrabble tile
Crustaceans that carry their own camouflage
D.C. nine
Desktop item since 1998
Dubious excuse for not turning in homework
Early 20th-century author who foresaw TV and wireless telephones
El primer mes
Employ cajolery on
Establishment frequented by Falstaff
Feeling unsettled, in a way
Follow-up shot
Former Showtime series about Henry VIII
Gas whose name comes from the Greek for "strange"
Gives up for good
Grab quickly
Great time
Hatfield haters
Have nothing to do with
Heroic poetry
"Hey, over here!"
Hightail it
Home of Hearst Castle
Home of Sinbad Island
"I said ENOUGH!"
In the indeterminate future
In the least
Individual tic-tac-toe squares
Kitchen wraps
Letters at sea
Like bourbon
Like Henry VIII, religiously
Like Indiana Dunes among the U.S.'s 61 national parks
Line on a map: Abbr.
Lose steam
Lousy newspaper
Maryland athlete, for short
Moon of Saturn named after a Greek Oceanid
Morning coat
Moved surreptitiously
Multitask command
Nascar ___ (demographic group)
Nevada's largest county by area
Nickname for Thomasina
Not fast
One of a bunch?
One side of an argument
Online search metric
Openly gay
"Ora pro ___"
Org. with Sharks and Penguins
Overcoat material
Packers' org.?
Parts of reviews you might not want to read
Performing whale, once
Phil who sang "Love Me, I'm a Liberal"
Pitched over
Pizza chain since 1956
Places where cucumber slices are not for salad
Powerful queen, in hearts
Predators of armadillos and rabbits
Preliminary exam: Abbr.
Q-V link
Really binged, briefly
Recalcitrant child's cry
Rick of "Ghostbusters"
Roster builders, briefly
Round part of a tool
Serving no practical purpose
Set aflame
Setting for fraud, maybe
Singer Bocelli
Small dam
Some group dinners
States as fact
Symbol of craziness
Take place
Tending toward an outcome
They may be bitter or defensive
Three-time Pro Bowler Culpepper
Ticket information
Time to knock off work, maybe
Transport to Sugar Hill, in a classic song
Tundra's lack
Twilled fabric
Unlike most of Perry Mason's clients
What's measured by [circled letters]
Whole lot
Wild goat
Women's soccer star ___ Morgan
Word before and after "all"
Work on a wall, maybe
W.W. II admiral nicknamed "Bull"
Yuri Zhivago's love