May 6th 2018, New York Times

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0%, in the dairy aisle
1847 novel of the sea
A cylinder has two
Actor Milo
Aid for a tracking shot
All-out attack
'Am ___ sensitive?'
Angry Shakespearean cry
Ankle bones
Anthem contraction
Band with a symmetrical logo
Bath toy
Big-eared animal
Big name in pain relief
___ Bird, 10-time W.N.B.A. All-Star
Bit of nonsense in a #1 Ella Fitzgerald hit
Bite-size, say
Bolivian capital
Bomb with the audience
Brand with an arrow through its logo
Chest protector
'Cinderella' mouse
Code on a bag to Chicago
Comic who acted in 'Ocean's Eleven'
Comparison middle
Constellation between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor
Corn syrup brand
Cry at a happy hour, maybe
Cry of excitement
Did some documentary work
Draw back in fear
Feature of a millpond
'Finlandia' composer
First name in fashion
Flat-topped hat
Fluorine's atomic number
Formed for a particular purpose
Formerly known as
Gadget for lemons
Get a copy of a 1965 #1 Beatles hit?
Goes back and forth (with)
Grp. getting a pay cut?
Hair-raising cry
Hat, informally
Impressive hole
Incredibly hard puzzle?
'Insecure' star Issa
Irish icon, for short
Jumpy sort, for short?
Keyboard key
Kids' rhyme starter
Kind of biol
Kind of job
'La La Land' actor
Larger of Mars's two moons
'Let's do this!'
Like a space cadet
Link a quartet of supermarket employees?
Longtime Walter Berndt comic strip
Maines of the Dixie Chicks
Many a '... For Dummies' book
___ mater
Messy treats
___ minimum
Minute Maid Park player, informally
Moves effortlessly (through)
'___ Music's golden tongue / Flatter'd to tears this aged man ...': Keats
Nice forecast
Not ruling out
Oil field?
One rampaging in 2018's 'Rampage'
One with a confession to make
Onto land
Original home of Paddington Bear
Out of date?
Padre's hermano
Part of O.S.: Abbr
Peaceful protest
Perpendicular to the ship's middle
Picks up later in life?
Pigtail, e.g
Pizzeria order
Player/coach Jason of the N.B.A
___ Plus (grooming brand)
Population classification
Prefix with communication
Prefix with pressure
Prefix with warrior
Proof of purchase for some contests
Purple flowers
Rather poor ambassador's skill?
Reason a computer program wouldn't open?
'___ reconsidered'
Red ___ (sushi fish)
Relating to the pelvis
Responds wistfully
River that rises in the Cantabrian Mountains
'Roll Tide!' school, for short
Rolled ___
Rollickingly funny
Rolls out of bed in the morning?
Sam who sang 'Twistin' the Night Away'
School in development?
Settle down for the night
Smelling of mothballs
Some end-of-season announcements
Some lawyers' cases
Some touchdown scorers, for short
Something to be defended
Something you're not allowed to do in math?
South America's ___ Picchu
Spot for wallowing
Streetside hangouts
Sultan Qaboos's land
Teaching positions can be part of their work
Thanksgiving serving
They always come with mayo
Things folded in the kitchen
'Time was ... '
Tiny bit
U.N. worker protection agcy
Underwater mine?
Vehicle that often rolls over, in brief
'Way to go!'
'Well, Did You ___?'
'You couldn't possibly mean me!?'