November 27th 2016, New York Times

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Absolutely awesome
Accomplished everything
Actress Hatcher
Adorn brilliantly
After Rainier, highest peak in the Pacific Northwest
Approached apace
Area to defend
Attention, for some
'Back to the Future' antagonist
Base men?
Big name in root beer
Big Ten sch
Bill producers + Western wear = info for events
Birthday girl's wear
Bygone boomers, for short
Capital where Robert Louis Stevenson died
Carter/Brezhnev agreement
Cat that epitomizes finickiness
Chain that sells chains
Cheri formerly of 'S.N.L.'
___ Chris Steak House
Classic Icelandic literary works
Computer hookups
Correo ___ (foreign mail stamp)
Counterpart of 'stand'
Court affirmation
Currently airing
Day of the month + succeed = some recital pieces
Deeply offended
Del ___ (fast-food chain)
Delay + dodos = some compromises
Director Lee
Do pretty well gradewise
Epps of 'House'
Eye part
Familiar with
Feudal lord
Finally put an end to?
Follower of an Alaskan team
For two
Green of 'The Italian Job'
Heavy metal band with 1980s hits
'Hold on ___!'
Hollywood, with 'the'
Hulk Hogan trademark
Impress deeply
In Tahitian it means 'good'
In years past
Infant + straying = noted coach
Island whose volcanic eruption is rumored to have destroyed Atlantis
Jazzes (up)
'Jinx' breakers of 2016
Keeps safe
Kind of chair
Last part of the country to report election results
Lead-in to maniac
Less polite + wildly unconventional = epicenter
Letter at the end of three other letters
Lisa, to Bart
Maiden name preceder
Makes it?
Many a charity tournament
Mariners' aids
Milk container
Minimal diamond margin
___ Minor
Move, as a plant
Moved at a crawl
Mrs. Gorbachev
'My Cup Runneth Over' crooner
Nasty sort
Negev native
Nevada gold-mining town
New pop of 1924
'___ not!'
October option
Old World lizard
Org. authorized by the 16th Amendment
Pandora release
Pasty + vacation expense, maybe = hospital specialty
Poetic Muse
Possible destination for un inmigrante, with 'el'
Prefix with byte
Pulls (out of)
Radial alternative
Recall cause, maybe
Regarding + undercoat = network with 303 stations
Relatives on the father's side
Remain + 'Hmm ...' = R&B great
Remote land in the Pacific
Resell quickly
Results of icy breakups?
Santa ___
___ season
See + umbrella alternative = warming option
Show, informally + African capital = Adonis
Simple truth
Social worker?
Some Great Plains residents
Some needlework, informally?
Someone never seen in 'Peanuts'
Spa, e.g
Spanish she-bear
Squeal on
Stable arrival
Stars-and-stripes land, informally
Suck it up?
Sushi go-with
Takes a chance
'The doctor ___'
The 'F' in F = ma
'The Highwayman' poet
The time of Nick?
They often have small tables
Time for una siesta
Untuned, say
Urban woe + squirms = pool accessory
Verb from which 'suis' and 'sommes' are conjugated
Violinist Zimbalist
Was ahead
What germs may turn into