November 2nd 2018, New York Times

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9-to-5, maybe
___ Air
An end to jargon?
Bear in a hit 2012 film
Belt under the waist?
Bits ___ second
Breezy air
___ Chang (ex-girlfriend of Harry Potter)
Clarifier in texts
Classic gag gift
Classic TV diner
Composer of symphonic 'verse'
Confidence booster on a test
Country music's ___ Young Band
Did a pantomime of
Didn't keep quiet
Doughnut-loving toon
Elder of the sisters who visited Narnia in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'
Emphatic rejection
Establishment to which customers have come for years?
Explosion cause
Fathers' clothes
Figures in some 'Twilight Zone' episodes, for short
Game in which I is 1
Genre for Anthrax and Megadeth
German wheels
Guesstimate words
Has as a tenant
'Heck, yeah!'
Hershey toffee treats
Hollywood title: Abbr
Hot chocolaty drink
Invite, as to one's penthouse
It might give you a headache
Its shell has three sides
Its teeth are pointy
Kind of ball that's edible
[Knock, knock]
Latin rhythm
Like Call of Duty: Black Ops
Like many textbook publishers
___ package
Post cereal made with honey
Remote inserts
Restaurant chain with a 'never-ending pasta bowl'
Said 'O-D-O-U-R,' e.g
See 56-Down
Show letters
Show with a musical guest, for short
Simple craft
Some Tornado Alley residents
Spinoff Nabisco cookies
Spot remover?
Stopped debating
Stubborn Dr. Seuss pair
Talk smack to
Tank top
Tears don't rip it
This, to Tomás
Ukulele accessory
Unsavory fellows
Very furry, muscular dog
Wasted vacation days?
'Westworld' network
What insomnia causes to build up over time
With 65-Across, fierce marcher
'You wanna fight?!'