November 4th 2018, New York Times

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'1984' superstate that includes America
2018's debate over 'Yanny or Laurel,' e.g
Ancient Mexicas, e.g
'Anything else, or can I go?'
Ars ___ (anagram of 'anagrams,' aptly)
As a whole
Awfully large
Became inseparable
Brewery sights
Calls from quarterbacks
Casanova's intrigues
Case workers?
Century in American politics
Cereal ingredient
Companies that need help
Construction on Broadway
Copa América cheer
Copper wheels?
Courtroom periods
Crank up the amp to 11 and go wild
Cries loudly
Deadbeat student at TV's Highland High
Department of Buildings issuance
Didn't bid
Document kept in a safe
Donny who won 'Dancing With the Stars'
Early reel-to-reel devices
Expired IDs?
Field with lots of growth?
Food & Wine and Field & Stream
Ford Mustang, for one
Forerunners of combines
Game featured in 2006's 'Casino Royale'
German-Swiss author who won the 1946 Nobel in Literature
Give mouth-to-mouth to?
Goes to grab a bite, say
Golfing hazards
Greek hero killed by a giant scorpion
Green housewarming gift
Her 2018 album 'Dancing Queen' consists entirely of Abba covers
Home arena of the Bruins and Celtics
In the ballpark
It may be open for business
Its shell doesn't crack
James of TV's 'How the West Was Won'
Joey Potter's portrayer on 'Dawson's Creek'
Julius Caesar's first wife
Keep it under your hat!
Leaves mystified
Lets out
Like some tires
Many faculty members, in brief
'Marriage Italian-Style' star
Muddling through
Name, as a successor
Old 'It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth' sloganeer
On the take
Painter's roll
Palate cleanser in a multicourse meal
Pan resistant to aging
Paprika lookalike
Party of 13?
___ pasta (farfalle)
Petulant expression
Picks up
Places to crash on road trips
Presented perfectly
Purely academic
Ran into in court?
Receptive to new ideas
Reptiles that can walk on ceilings
Ringo Starr's real first name
Rock musician with a knighthood
Round units?
Safer of '60 Minutes'
Satine's profession in 'Moulin Rouge!'
Selling point?
Shade in the woods
Shiny beetle disliked by fruit growers
Show's earnings
Sister of Tiffany
Slaloming spot
Small jumper
Soda brand with more than 90 flavors
Sort of
Speak sharply
Stan who co-created Spider-Man
Stephen King novel with a misspelling in the title
Steve who co-created Spider-Man
Stickers forming a patch
Stockpot addition
Striker's replacement
Takes to the sky
___ the Great (ninth-century English king)
'The Lady Is a Tramp' lyricist
Tommy or Jimmy of jazz
Torch carrier's announcement
Touchscreen array
Travel on-line?
Travels by car
Trunk fastener?
Two for one?
Unkind, as criticism
Untrustworthy sort
U.S. Naval Academy mascot
Valuable possession
Wearers of white hats
What a crop top exposes
What an essay presents
Who once said 'You wouldn't have won if we'd beaten you'
Wigs out
Win every prize in
Word spoken while waving
Wordsworth wrote one on immortality
You can't go back on them
You should avoid feeding on them