September 12th 2018, New York Times

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#1 pal
50% to start?
A quarantined person is kept in it
Actress Spacek
Ad follower
Ancient Icelandic literary work
Attribute for 'my girl' after 'Five Foot Two' in a 1920s tune
Big name in comfy footwear
Capp of classic comics
Certain trellis components
Contemptible sort
CPR provider, for short
___ Cruces, N.M
Ending with evil
Eponymous naturalist of a California woods
Example of change
Family member, endearingly
Food that comes in rolls
Grammarian's concern
'Guest' at a child's tea party
'___ 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war': Mark Antony
Historic political visitor to Pearl Harbor on 12/27/16
Inner: Prefix
Interstates 70 and 71 cross in its capital
Its first vol., A-Ant, was published in 1884
J.F.K. stat
Julia Child's PBS show, with 'The' ... or one associated with the answers to the starred clues
Just like
Keep away from
Like about 17% of the land in Holland
Like an otologist's exam
*Literally, 'boil and lower'
*Literally, 'outside the works'
*Literally, 'small ovens'
*Literally, 'thousand-leaf'
Negotiation goal
North Carolina county ... or lead-in to '-ville'
Notable feature of Chicago
Notable feature of San Francisco
Old Chevy model renamed the Sonic
Org. that monitors gas prices
Org. with a feared black-and-white flag
___ Paulo, Brazil
Philosopher Lao-___
Prefix with -nautic
Pricey bar
Provided sustenance
Question after a bad pun
Revealing, in a way
Ritzy hotel accommodations
River gamboler
'Roger' in the Navy
Rose no longer seen in fields
Secures, as scrapbook photos
Sir, to a Brit
Slips up
Small amount
Succor, briefly
'That's quite a trick!'
Throw in
Toward the rudder
___ und Drang
'Vive ___!'
Want really badly
What the V sign can also represent
White House family of the early 1910s
Word sometimes substituted for 'your'
Work groups
Writer after whom an asteroid and Mars crater are named