September 26th 2016, New York Times

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72 for many golf courses
Actor McKellen
Admonition in a movie theater
All: Prefix
*Annual Thanksgiving Day run
___ Beach Calif.
Bird on a birth announcement
Breaks you wish would end?
Came to light
Carpentry pin
Charming scoundrel
Cheer at a fútbol match
Chips and popcorn in commercialese
*Classic comedy set at the fictional Faber College
Complete rubbish
Concert haul?
Cookbook amts.
Copper + zinc
“Deadly” offense
Dickens’s ___ Heep
Diminished in value as a currency
Diminishes in intensity
Disney fawn
“Do ___ disturb” (motel sign)
Fair and balanced
Fertilizable cells
Fifth Avenue retailer
___ fixe (menu notation)
Ford Escape or Jeep Cherokee for short
Former celebrity
Goes out with
Gram or dram
Hit one out of the park
Indenting computer key
Indy 500 car
*Intimate chitchat
*Iron Man’s love interest
___ Jima
Jimmy ___ reporter for the Daily Planet
___ Keith singer with 20 #1 country hits
*Knit headwear that may have a tufted ball at its end
Lacking refinement
Like overgrown gardens
Mean dog sound
Mexican shawl
Most correspondence nowadays
“No ___ ands or buts”
Number one position
*Offer of reconciliation
Old-fashioned address organizer
Page (through)
Part of the roof where icicles form
Perpetual troublemakers
Prima ballerina
Prosecutors briefly
Protein-rich vegan staple
Refuse to admit
Resident of Oman or Yemen
Ring-shaped reef
Santa ___ Calif.
“Shut up already!” ... or what you can do to the start of the answer to each starred clue
“Singin’ in the Rain” dance style
Soul singer Redding
Stephen Colbert’s Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow e.g.
Swiss mountain
Trim as a photograph
Unsettled feeling