April 10th 2018, NewsDay.com

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A second time
Baseball arbiter
Being pulled from behind
Besides that
Biblical song
Big coffee dispenser
Catch in a trap
Clear-sky color
Clothing tag
Computer screen images
Country club game
CPR expert
Diner handout
Director Spike
Dry as a desert
Earl Grey and oolong
Exam mark
Extremely angry
Fellow just hired
Ferry or canoe
Gas in a diner sign
Hawaiian garlands
Heading of a chore list
Hint at
Horse-stopping shout
In the __ (long ago)
Increase in size
Infamous Roman emperor
Is unable to
Islam's Almighty
Ivy League school in Philly
Jekyll's alter ego
Last word of the ''Happy Birthday'' song
Listening closely
Loch __ monster
Look without blinking
Lowest poker card
Madrid's country
Makes, as a salary
March Madness org.
Message from a teacher
Miner's find
Molars, for example
Off __ (away from others)
Off __ (beginning well)
Off __ (not vigilant)
Off __ (straying from the subject)
Opera solo
Palm tree fruit
Phrase shouted before fencing
Polish, as shoes
Portrait holder
Prefix for freeze
Prefix meaning ''all''
Ram's offspring
Ram's remark
Refuse to share
Robin Hood's missile
''Roses __ red . . .''
Rudely sarcastic
Scent detectors
Scratch up
Sedan or convertible
Solid part of orange juice
''Steppenwolf'' author Hermann
Strauss of jeans
Tire's pattern
Topped with frosting
Walk inside
Winged mammal
Without any skill