August 27th 2016, News Day

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Place de l'
Apple category
Atlantic Div. skaters
Big name in wrappers
Bingo-ball bin
Bird of the species ''Hirundo rustica''
Boggle e.g
Book with family trees on the endpapers say
Buy by the bushel
Calendar-watch reading
Capital near the equator and the prime meridian
Certain sauce source
City Hall honorees
Class __
Client of a sort
Collage co-inventor
Crook in sports
Didn't give up
Domino domain
Don't panic
Efficiency expert's concern
Element of some readouts
Ending like -oid
Gossip-mill fodder
Half of hexadeca-
Hauled off
Idiosyncrasy of Cockney
'If we __ temples they will crumble to dust'': Webster
Inspiration for Orpheus
Irish princess of opera
Landing spot
Lay off
Like reeds
Lobster appendages
Make comfortable in a way
Mercurial person
Milling by-product
Not much of a knock
One could work under pressure
Onesie feature
Onetime Italian ruler of 5 Down
Peace activist since the '60s
Pliny's place
Pronghorn weapon
Put something over on
Radically shorten maybe
Razzie nominee as King David
Regular in the ''Thor'' films
Republic annexed by France in 1769
Runs in preschool
Some low-battery warnings
Stage presence
Steelers' ''Turnpike Rival''
Stereotypical farm plodder
Surname of ''Britain's first family of harmony''
Take a second?
''The Last __'' (Puzo novel)
They might take the cake
Top with a crown
Type of pharyngitis
Uniform factors
Unpopular in the extreme
Weaving project
What fog often pushes back
What many cookies are
Word from the Italian for ''small chapel''