August 5th 2018,

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About 12,000 insect species
About 350,000 insect species
About six trillion mi.
Adds while cooking
Adopted, as a pet
''__ all good''
Any of the Florida Keys
Appeals to
__ Arbor, MI
Ares instigations
Armada craft
''Army'' offspring
At the apex of
''Attack, Fido!''
Attired for the office
Baby's first bed
Backspace over, say
Bank holding company (Washington Wizards and Capitals)
Best possible
Bibliography abbr.
Blood bank supply
Botch something
Box spring supporter
Broke off
Brokerage firm (St. Louis Blues)
By __ of (owing to)
Camera type, for short
Camp David Accords signer
Cartoonists' assistants
Certain sandwich with Swiss
Character created by Pixar
Christmas carol
''Closing Bell'' airer
Colorful aquarium swimmer
Confused states
Couric of TV news
C.S. Lewis land
Disneyland shuttle
Drag (away)
Engineering school, for short
Exploit to the extreme
Financial services giant (2006-2018, New Jersey Devils)
Financial services giant (Arizona State U.)
First all-vegetable-oil shortening
Foes of the 65 Across
Forest Whitaker Oscar role
Frequent European erupter
Fruit-beverage maker (Tampa Bay 131 Across)
Full of zeal
Galaxy Tab alternative
Geese formation
German forebears
Get to volunteer
Get weepy
'Hood salutation
How '90s digital encyclopedias were bought
How notebook paper is printed
Improv performer
In the past
Insurance seller (Cleveland Indians)
Insurance seller (Columbus Blue Jackets)
It first met in 1789
Jazz great Fitzgerald
Jokester's prod
Junction points
Keats or Coleridge
Left Coast state, informally
Links standard
Long-legged bird
Major league hitters
Mambo king Puente
Manner of walking
Manners of running
Metaphor for intrigue
Middle of the fourth century
Mongolian desert
Monogram components: Abbr.
More high-strung
Most minimal amount
Needing some body work
Neither fish __ fowl
Noteworthy periods
Novelist Pasternak
One of Marvel's original Avengers
Online commerce
Online lender (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Page for website help
''Peter Pan'' dog
Piece of okra
Pirate portrayer in ''The Princess Bride''
Place for filming
Place with thermal waters
Playing a role
Presidential nickname
Presses, as dresses
Prone to mischief making
Pub serving
Pub vessel
Raced down slopes
Renewable energy source
River known for its banks
Roaring group
Salon sounds
Saturn or Jupiter
See 100 Across
See 17 Across
Shape of a smile
Show shock
Slight fight
Smeltery refuse
Southwestern tie
Sport with clay pigeons
Steer catcher
Sugarloaf locale
Tamed, for a cowpoke
Telecommunications company (Seattle Seahawks)
Test for coll. seniors
''That's what friends __ for''
Theme of the puzzle
__ to go (gung-ho)
Touches up, as text
Toys with tails
Typical homework assignment
UFO crew
Unable to look away
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer
Vouch for
Well-worn pencil
What ''p'' means to pianists
What you eat
What's turned for much 29 Down
With 9 Down, French diarist
Without peer
Word of warning
__-Xer (boomer's kid)
Yankee great Jeter