February 12th 2017, News Day

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72 Down product
Absorb, with ''up''
Acceptance of opposite opinions (Orwell)
Albacore, for one
AMA members
Arithmetic sign
Auction bid of a sort
Author Castaneda
Backyard spot
Bad atmospheres
Ballet skirt
Bargain-bin markers
Batmobile rider
Bit of rushin' language
Bits of cunning
Boils or broils
Bugle blast
Cable installer
Castro of Cuba
Caused to yawn
Chaos (Milton)
Chemically nonreactive
City west of Sun Valley
Clickable text
Continental divider
Craft store chain
Cream-filled dessert
Creatures in colonies
Cries out loud
Croquet surface
Destructive weapon (H.G. Wells)
Discuss in detail
El Greco's adopted home
Erased, as a hard disk
Estate entryway, often
Failed rapidly
Feel intuitively
Floral chains
Fortune-teller's intro
Fridge forays
Garfield pal
Gave up, as a right
Genesis setting
''Give Kids a Smile'' org
Gnatlike insect
Gold standards
Got 100 on
Gumbo vegetable
Gyro bread
Hair conditioner
Hepburn's husband in ''Breakfast at Tiffany's''
Hogwarts potions professor
Home of many Goyas
''Honor Thy Father'' author
In person
Inc., in England
Incite to anger
Itinerary, for short
Less adorned
Lion's home
Lowered in esteem
Made public
Make airtight
''Mamma Mia!'' group
Meaningless talk (Lewis Carroll)
Mice, to owls
__ Moines, IA
Moves like lava
Muddies up
Muesli morsel
Needle maker
Nemesis (Shakespeare)
Neverland visitor
Newspaper production machine of old
NYSE debuts
Office supplies
One on foot (Wordsworth)
Opposite of COD
Paretsky of whodunits
Parliamentary term
Perched on
Persona __ grata
Poet's sun or moon
Poker declaration
Political deception (Stephen Colbert)
Powered a rowboat
Programmer's output
Prom night rental
Proportional stat
Put a hex on
Quarterback Manning
Rapper Green
Red wines
Reebok rival
Role models
Sambuca flavoring
SAT portion
Scanned bars: Abbr
Sculpted trunk
Self-love (Coleridge)
''Selma'' lead role
Shaped like dice
Shoelace snarl
Shows zeal
Sighed word
Similar in nature
Singers on a riser
Sleigh accessories
Slight adjustment
Snaky shape
Solitude seeker
Some 112 Across
Some diner-mat games
''South Park'' kid
Strand in winter, perhaps
Take a shot at
Tech's caller
Teen's ''My answer was . . .''
Timid one (Dorothy Parker)
Tough as nails (Mark Twain)
Trite, as jokes
Tunesmiths' org
Upscale retail chain
Vacation rental
Volcanic emission
Watered down, in a way
Waterfront walk
Wear a long face
Well-trained unit
What a lot may be filled with
WWII-era pope