February 4th 2018, NewsDay.com

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'50s phone feature
66 Across extractors
A head, and an alternate puzzle title
Add as an extra
Admission of defeat
Amount to
Animal enclosure
Antidrug cop
Apple Watch assistant
Arctic ice sheets
Australian-born media mogul
Author of legal thrillers
Box in
Boxer's garb
Boxing spectator's shout
Bullfight chant
Cabinet department
Capote nickname
Chalet backdrop
Choral part
Colleagues of MDs
Composer Schifrin
Consider likely
Country singer Crystal
Crafts website
''Cuatro'' doubled
Data-sharing computers
Desert caravan stops
Dieter of rhyme
Directional symbol
Director Kazan
Dislodge with a hoe
Edward's adoptive mother in ''Twilight''
End of USC's URL
Extended adventure
Fabric flaw
Fall behind
Family nickname
Files litigation
Fill a hotel closet
Flock mom
Floral garland
Flower part
Giggling Muppet
''Girls Just Want to Have Fun'' singer
Gotten illegally
Gov. Cuomo's domain
Hole-punching tool
Home of an Ibsen Museum
''I'd prefer someone else''
Ill-fated energy giant
In great shape
Infamous emperor
Israeli Peace Nobelist
It's west of the Pacific
Kathmandu native
Keats or Shelley
Latin being
Lets pass
Limb bender
Linen fabric
Make one's move
Manipulate, as bread dough
Monotonous routine
Mule's sire
Mythical wife of Hades
Nocturnal noise
Not many
Novelist Wharton
Org. producing flossing videos
Pastel purple
Patron saint of California
Peanuts, so to speak
Pelicans and petrels
Pension law acronym
__-pitch softball
Pop music superstar
Possible ravioli filling
Pre-euro currency
Prefix meaning ''outer''
Proof of purchase
Provided short-term
Public persona
Purported UFO fliers
Radial on a Rolls
Raison d'__
Recycling receptacle
Remarkable thing
Renaissance astronomer
Response to a sting
Rolled sandwich
Roster entry
Salon appliance
Santa __
Scheduled to arrive
Sewn edge
Shillelagh land
Ship-in-a-bottle builder, e.g.
Show sadness
Show sadness, with ''up''
Sound on MacDonald's farm
Source of metal
Spiritually enlighten
Square-corner shape
Square dance figure
Steer clear of
Stew ingredient
Stomping ground
Stringed instrument of old
Strong adhesive
Suffix for verb
Sushi bar eggs
Swiss mathematician
Syrian city
Take a break
Talk like Daffy Duck
Tell it like it isn't
The Big Easy, familiarly
The __ Lama
''The Little Prince'' author
Thomas Hardy heroine
Timetable listings: Abbr.
Toon dog, familiarly
Traditional Indian wedding dress
Tulsa sch.
Two-Oscar Swank
Unpleasant aroma
Venomous snake
Vertical transportation giant
Water carrier
Well-used pencil
Where surfers shop
Will Smith, in ''Men in Black''
Wipe clean
Word of support