February 5th 2017, News Day

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2012 Affleck film
Academic hurdles
Artist Neiman
Asian cuisine
''Auld Lang __''
Author Shute
Baking potatoes
Barbecue seasoning
Barbers' sharpeners
Be in a bee
Bicuspid, e.g
Bicyclist's challenge
Blue flowers of rhyme
Born earlier
Boy with many merit badges
Brief confession
Bumps against
Burger turner
Calligraphy stroke
Carrier for crude
Classified, typically
Clumsy ones
Comics pooch
Complain over
Concessionary cry
Construction site worker
Country singer Lovett
Discuss, with ''out''
Don't disturb
''Don't think so''
Drink slowly
Dry Italian wine
Earth-friendly prefix
Edison's middle name
Equipped for battle
Eurasian range
Evil spell
Extended family
Farewell performances
FedEx Cup organizer
Fencing ploys
Fit in
Garden center bagful
Golf shop purchase
Hard to come by
High-IQ club
Highbrow type
In a melancholy manner
Jazz accompaniment
Language that ''kayak'' came from
Largest Caribbean island
Lightning attractor
Like second-quality mdse
Long-range weapon, for short
Lunar features
Made up one's mind
Mail away
Martial-arts/fitness regimen
Meshed well
MetLife competitor
Minimal money
Miser's motivation
Most of a monocle
Myanmar neighbor
Nautical nonsense
Neural junction
''Night Moves'' singer
Novelist Jong
October birthstone
Odometer reading
Of eyesight
Old West vehicles
Op-ed piece
Out of bed
Pac-12 team
PBS science series
Porthole view
Prayer wrap-up
Prior night
Pub serving
Pull up stakes, to Realtors
Pulls apart
Résumé, for short
Rhythmic writing
Roller coaster feature
Salad dressing flavor
Sales pitch
Sci-fi weapon
Screen legend Garbo
Serve specially
Set of eight
Sewed line
Sharp, as vision
Show disdain for
''__ Sir or Madam . . .''
Slip away from
Spanish-owned archipelago
Speak excitedly
Speckled horse
Split apart
Sporty auto roofs
Spot for a soak
Square-corner shape
Stanley Cup awarder
Stine series
Strong refusal
Supermarket department
Syrian __ Republic
Telltale sign
They're worked by push-ups
Throw into the mix
Tilted type: Abbr
Tomato variety
Took a risk
Try to prevent
Ultimate purposes
Value system
Vegetarian's avoidance
Walk with a swagger
Walked (on)
Walks heavily
Western Hemisphere alliance
Wet dirt
''What's more . . .''
Wind quintet member
Winter wear
Wood finish