January 15th 2017, News Day

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2011 Pan American Games host
'70s missile pact
__ a clue (is ignorant)
A quarter of tetra-
Actress Delany
Afghanistan neighbor
Another: Sp
''Arabian Nights'' name
Arles agreement
Artists' quarters, at times
As good as it gets
Austen novel
Between-meal snack
Beyond repair
Black key near D
Bus patron
Captain's wheel
City on both banks of the Mississippi
Cone topper
Crime fiction characters
Current fashion
Did a blacksmith's job
Director Anderson
Distinctive flair
Dog from China
Doubter's comment
Eating areas
Ed of crime fiction
Eggs: Lat
End of a fencing challenge
Equine fathers
Ethiopia's capital
Fails to be
Fathers and sons
Fills to excess
First to portray Obi-Wan
Founding Father nickname
French lace
Gemstone weights
Genesis landing spot
Gettysburg general
Gobi's locale
Grade school subj
Green Hornet's partner
Grilling utensil
Hardness scale mineralogist
Hardware experts
High point of Tanzania
Hoarse voice
Home of the NBA Spurs
Honduras' capital
Hoops venue
Hyde, to Jekyll
Icy sports surface
Ill-gotten gains
''In other words . . .''
iPod Nano predecessors
John __ Lennon
Kelly of ''Chaplin''
Land once known as Upper Volta
Large book
Large garages of a sort
Late hr. for breakfast
''Let me answer the door''
Make sure of
Mars alias
Maugham character
Mead subject
Meal for the humbled
Military actions
Moving around
Native Arizonan
Needing a drink
New employee
No longer sleeping
Nonglossy finish
Not filled in
Of few words
''On the Waterfront'' director
Oscar actor Benicio del __
Out of port
Parking lot posting
Plowing measure
Port of Pennsylvania
Pose to propose
Pressure meas
Pricey steak
Puts on the brakes
Republican elephant creator
Rite place
Rowboat gear
Sacred text
San __ Obispo, CA
Sand trap, e.g
See 93 Down
__ Selassie
Shaved-ice treats
Show to a seat, informally
Silent greeting
Smallest sovereign state
Solemn pact
Some tennis judges
Something comparable
Source of gin berries
Specialized market
State of irritation
Strong denial
Stylish ones, in the Beatles era
Suffix meaning ''scenery''
Surfer's concern
Suriname's capital
Sushi bar eel
Symbol of sturdiness
Synagogue worshiper
Tax-free bond, for short
''The Prince of Tides'' star
Thurber's dreamer
Too wild to tame
Traveler in boxcars
West African nation
What ''-saur'' means
With 48 Down, ''Volcano'' star
Wooden shoes
Woolen fabric
Wranglers alternatives
Wrap snugly
Young equine